‘Grey’s Anatomy’: This Is When the Show Should Have Ended, According to Fans

Since 2005, viewers have been drawn into the intriguing, drama-filled world portrayed in Grey’s Anatomy. The doctors and residents at Seattle Grace Hospital (which was later renamed to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital) have gone through struggles with balancing their personal and professional lives, just as people do in real life, every day.

Still, while the show might have started out as being very relatable, many fans have taken issue with the direction that the show has gone in recent years.

In advance of the upcoming season premiere, fans took to social media to break down the problems that they see with Grey’s Anatomy and whether or not the show should have ended years ago.

What is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ about?

Caterina Scorsone
Caterina Scorsone | Mitch Haaseth/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Grey’s Anatomy features a large cast of diverse characters. In the first few seasons of the show, it received a lot of critical praise for the diversity of the cast, which included such popular actors as Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh, Isaiah Washington, T.R. Knight, Ellen Pompeo, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, and Chandra Wilson. Still, the star of the show has emerged as Ellen Pompeo, who has been the face of the series since 2005.

Meredith Grey has gone through a lot of major life changes throughout the course of the show and went from working as a resident to a well-respected doctor at the hospital. Her love life has been a major plot point as well, with her longtime on-off relationship with Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, being a particular fan favorite.

When Shepherd died several seasons ago, viewers were devastated – and even though Grey is currently embroiled in a relationship with Andrew DeLuca, many fans are not on board with the romance, dubbed “MerLuca.” That relationship has likely contributed to why some fans on Reddit recently stated that the show has overstayed it’s welcome. 

When should ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ have ended?

A poster on Reddit recently claimed that Grey’s Anatomy should have ended when all the residents became attending physicians. The poster stated that the show has gone on for so long that now, it just seems “all over the place.”

The Grey’s viewer believes that the show has become a complete “mess” and doesn’t really see a tidy way to wrap up the show, with all the separate storyline involving interns that “no one really cares about.”

Other fans quickly chimed in, saying that there has been a definite drop in quality over the years, but since Grey’s Anatomy still makes money for the network, it likely won’t end anytime soon. 

Why do some fans still love ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

There were some fans that defended the way that Grey’s Anatomy has evolved over the years. One fan acknowledged that while it’s a different show now, it’s still enjoyable and simply because the show is different now doesn’t make it bad.

Another viewer stated that, like most TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy is strictly for entertainment and as long as it is entertaining viewers, it is doing the job that it set out to do. Still, some posters acknowledged that they watch the show out of “obligation,” and not out of any great sense of interest in the storyline or the characters. 

When Grey’s Anatomy returns on September 26th, viewers will most certainly be tuning in to see what happens to Meredith Grey and her team. Whether or not fans are happy with the direction that the new season takes remains to be seen (after all, the MerLuca backlash remains as strong as ever) – but Showbiz Cheat Sheet will keep you posted every step of the way.