‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Tom and Amelia Probably Won’t Get Together Anytime Soon

What would Grey’s Anatomy be without intriguing romantic dramas and steamy hookups? Everyone watching tends to weigh in on the couples they think work, those that don’t, and those that should end up together.

Though some wouldn’t want to hear this, there is one couple that we think are not going to hookup anytime soon.

Tom and Amelia

Greg Germann and Caterina Scorsone
Greg Germann and Caterina Scorsone | Jessica Brooks via Getty Images

Tom has become a sort of fan favorite and will be a series regular for the medical drama’s upcoming sixteenth season. Amelia, on the other hand, has been through it all; a troubling marriage and brain surgery. Not only was Tom the surgeon to operate on her, but he shared a passionate moment with Amelia as well.

If this were another show, then Tom and Amelia would have got together and stayed together by now, seeing how perfect they seem to be for each other. They are both heads of neurosurgery and their overconfidence in themselves is another thing they have in common.

They have effortless chemistry, had a mentor and student relationship, and trust each other; at least professionally. Although Tom claims that telling Amelia that he thinks she’s a better surgeon was only to hook up with her, some fans speculate that he genuinely cares for her.

On the surface, it seems like a match made in Hollywood heaven. Amelia ending up with the guy who cares for her and saved her life. But this is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ we are talking about. There are a lot of obstacles standing in the way, and there could be even more to come, so the two are probably not getting together anytime soon.

Tom and Teddy

Season fifteen saw Tom and Teddy get close; even though Teddy is carrying Owen’s baby. The two shared a spark, with Tom even finding Teddy a house. Teddy has helped viewers discover Tom’s nurturing side.

As great as this is, an unhappy ending looks more likely considering season fifteen’s finale. While Tom was busy building a crib for Teddy’s baby, Teddy was in labor as Owen professed the love he has for her. Will Teddy choose Owen come the new season?

Owen and Amelia

Things seem to be getting more complicated for these two. We all know that Teddy had no intentions of breaking the couple up, especially with Teddy looking happy with Tom. But it seems like that’s where things are headed.

Tom’s and Teddy’s relationship has rubbed Owen the wrong way, and he ended up acting jealous. This did no favors to his relationship with Amelia. It might mean that Owen still has feelings for Teddy, and though Meredith tries to help Amelia’s worries, the ending to season fifteen prove Amelia right.

However, with Britney’s parents allowing Amelia and Owen to raise Leo to allow Britney the chance to recover from drug addiction and lead a normal teenage life, can Amelia walk away?

What happens next for the two?

There is trouble brewing in the relationships Tom and Amelia are currently involved in. If Teddy ends up choosing Owen, it means Tom and Amelia both end up single. Again, if this were any other show, this would be the perfect moment for Tom and Amelia to end up together.

But it won’t be the clean break some fans are hoping for, and both characters will need time to recover. Plus Amelia still has Leo to think of. Would she be willing to make things work with Owen for his sake?

What about Tom? There is Catherine who helped him during his son’s death. Then there is April with whom he had a one night stand in season fourteen. Maybe there’s even something in store for Tom and Meredith.

Though Tom and Amelia look like they’ll be single soon, there is still a lot they need to deal with before they can end up together. Who knows? They might not end up together at all.