‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What Is Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery) up to Since ‘Private Practice’ Ended Besides Helping out Furry Friends?

Our favorite red-headed tv personality, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), has been gone for too long. Fans loved Addison on Grey’s Anatomy so much that Shonda Rhimes developed a spinoff just for Walsh. Private Practice ran for six seasons, but fans still want more of Walsh. What has the actress been up to since her spinoff ended in 2013?

Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh | Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Purina Cat Chow

Kate Walsh is actively shooting various TV shows and films

You have likely seen Walsh in the American teen drama, developed by Netflix, 13 Reasons Why. She is primarily in the first season as Hannah Baker’s mother.

When asked in an interview with Thrive Global what projects she is working on, Walsh listed off several things, “I’m shooting a show right now, that’s sort of top-secret, but I do have a film coming out in November called, 3022 with Omar Epps and Angus Macfadyen. It’s a thriller set in space, and so it’s a Sci-Fi thriller.”

She also said, “Then I’ve got another film that’s just getting distribution now called Sell By; it’s hitting festivals and winning a lot of awards and so that New York premiere is in a week so I’m excited about that. I’ve got another couple of films coming out in 2020, one that’s called Honest Theif, with Liam Neeson and Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos.

Grey’s Anatomy fans would like to believe that the “top-secret” show she is working on could be a return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In the meantime, fans will settle for the three movies she listed. 

With all of her acting experience and fabulous on-screen presence, it’s no wonder she has films consistently lined up.

Walsh created a perfume line, called ‘Boyfriend’

In 2010, Walsh founded Boyfriend, which is a lifestyle brand that sells perfumes, candles, and oils. The brand’s signature perfume is a top seller at Sephora and HSN. 

Walsh explained to Thrive Global how she came up with the name for her brand, “I was actually inspired by an ex-boyfriend, and I missed his cologne, so I sort of had this idea, wouldn’t that be a great idea for a fragrance of “boyfriend in a bottle.” 

She changed up the scent so that it wasn’t masculine but more of a mixture of woods, heavy musk, and the floral and fruit notes that would be on a woman’s skin. 

The company recently came out with a room spray with the signature scent on it. Walsh promotes all of the various products on her Instagram account with fun, cutesy captions. 

Walsh became an animal activist and is currently working on a campaign to help dogs

Walsh adopted her pup, Rosie, a lab/shepherd/rottweiler mix over 11 years ago. When she noticed Rosie was itching so much that it was interrupting her normal dog activities like eating and playing, she took her to the veterinarian. Rosie was diagnosed with allergic itch. After starting treatment, Rosie’s itching went away!

Walsh started an organization to help raise awareness about allergic itch to help all dogs. She has a website called Itching for Help and posts ads on her Instagram account to spread awareness.

The website includes facts about itching, treatment options as well as a quiz to help diagnose your dog. 

It looks like Walsh is still extremely busy since leaving Private Practice. Our only hope is that she is not so busy that she can’t make a guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy this season.