‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Which Major Character Will Be the Next to Go?

Grey’s Anatomy has seen its share of characters come and go throughout the show’s 15 seasons. Fans have cried as they have had to say goodbye to George O’Malley, Lexi Grey, and Mark Sloan. Our hearts were broken when Meredith pulled the plug on Derek Shepherd, and we are still hoping that Sandra Oh decides to come back to the show and reprise her role as Christina Yang. 

The ABC juggernaut has done an amazing job keeping fans invested in the ever-changing cast. While only four original cast members remain, for many fans, it would be just as crushing to see Owen Hunt or Maggie Pierce walk away as it would be Dr. Bailey or Richard Webber.

With all the talk about whether Ellen Pompeo will leave the show, recent storylines have us worried about a few key characters on the show. Let’s take a look at who we think is most at jeopardy to be the next to go. 

Jake Borelli
Greys Anatomy | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Dr. Andrew DeLuca

For four years, fans have been wondering if Meredith Grey would ever love again. After the loss of her husband in 2015, Meredith pushed away love and focused on her career and children. But things were looking like they were finally starting to change this year.

The season began with both Dr. Atticus Lincoln (Link) and Dr. DeLuca making a bid for Meredith’s hand. But in the end, Andrew DeLuca won over the mother of three and the two recently began dating. Things have been going well between the two and Meredith even told her children that she was dating the handsome doctor. 

But things don’t look well for Dr. DeLuca. Meredith recently committed insurance fraud to save a patient and Dr. DeLuca stepped in and took the blame. This leaves his fate in the balance. Meredith confessed to make things right, but now both of them appear to be prison-bound, at least for a little while.

Dr. Jo Karev

Jo has been through a lot in the past few seasons. She battled homelessness to become a doctor, only to marry an abusive man. That man followed her to Seattle and threatened her livelihood. Jo finally escaped her abusive ex when he was hit and killed by a car.

Things between Jo and Alex have been going well, which should have been a red flag for anyone who knows how Shonda Rhimes works. Since things were going so well, Jo decided that she would search out her birth mother (even though she was warned against opening Pandora’s Box). Things did not end well.

The doctor returned to Seattle defeated, depressed, and angry. She shut out those around her, including her husband, and drank herself into despair, even showing up to work drunk. 

Now it looks like, at minimum, Dr. Karev will be taking a leave of absence as she checked into inpatient psychiatry. We hope that Jo can make it through this battle, but Jo could end up leaving everything behind.

Dr. Catherine Avery (Fox)

We’d really hate to say goodbye to Dr. Fox (formerly Dr. Avery) after the empire that she has built up. Catherine has always been a strong force on the show and a rock, not only for her staff but her husband and son as well.

But Catherine is currently fighting for her life as she battles an aggressive cancer. She continues to work and has shown improvement in recent episodes, so we are hopeful that she will pull through. 

It’s unlikely that Rhimes will let cancer be the end of Catherine’s legacy, but she also has a history of delivering emotional, powerful deaths. If we do have to say goodbye to this character, we at least hope that Debbie Allen sticks around and lends her directing talent to the show every now and then.