‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will Meredith Really Go to Prison?

Season15 of Grey’s Anatomy took viewers on a truly wild ride. After spending the entire season slowly building up Meredith Grey’s budding relationship with Andrew DeLuca, the show took a dark turn at the very end. In order for her uninsured patient to get a much-needed surgery, Dr. Grey commits insurance fraud.

Her ruse is found out by some insurance inspectors, but her boyfriend DeLuca steps up and ends up taking the fall, going to jail for his troubles. In the final moments of the season, Grey visited DeLuca in prison and resolved to get him out of jail.

Now that Season 16 is on the horizon, fans are speculating whether or not Grey will make good on her promise and what could end up happening to the beloved character.

How realistic is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

Fans love Grey’s Anatomy for the dramatic, riveting storylines and the interaction between the characters. They certainly don’t tune in for the realism – and that’s a good thing because Grey’s Anatomy is actually one of the least-accurate medical dramas on television.

The show has been slammed by real doctors for the way that the show makes light of hospital regulations and the way that the characters often use hospital property and grounds for private use — including romantic rendezvous in closets. 

Grey’s Anatomy also tends to glamorize the work of the hospital resident and often portrays discharge times as much shorter than average. The show focuses on rare or unusual ailments instead of the more common complaints like flu, sinus infections, or broken limbs.

Some hospital residents have spoken out about how unrealistic Grey’s is, saying that in reality, residents would be fired for making the kinds of mistakes that the staff routinely makes without consequences in Grey’s Anatomy

Could Meredith Grey end up in jail?

With all that being said, and the knowledge that Grey’s Anatomy takes a lot of dramatic liberties, viewers are still on edge about the possibility of Meredith Grey going to prison in season 16 Popsugar recently did a writeup about the odds of Grey ending up in jail, and the results were interesting.

It seems likely that the show will feature Grey taking responsibility and owning up to her falsehood. Still, it doesn’t seem that Grey would ever actually end up in prison for it. The article pointed out several situations where characters did something wrong, admitted to it, and then ended up not suffering any real repercussions.

The same could definitely happen to Meredith Grey. After all, she did commit fraud, but she did it for the right reasons, helping a patient, which means that she will probably garner nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

The prison storyline could end Grey and DeLuca’s romance

The Popsugar article also pointed out that while it seems likely both Grey and DeLuca will emerge from the insurance fraud incident unscathed, it could mean that their relationship suffers some lasting effects.

Fans already don’t love Grey and DeLuca together, so the fraud storyline could be an interesting way for showrunners to introduce tension into the mix, which ultimately could break the couple up. There are a lot of viewers who have major issues with the character of DeLuca, so taking the theory a step further, his character could be written out of the show entirely following season sixteen.

No matter what happens, fans only have a couple more weeks to speculate before Grey’s Anatomy returns on September 16. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all the latest updates on your favorite characters and plot twists!