‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Did the ‘Writers Try to One-Up Meredith’s Trauma’ With This One Character’s Backstory?

With many shows now on a break between seasons, Grey’s Anatomy fans are binge-watching all of Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) trauma. All 16 seasons of the long-running medical drama are streaming on both Netflix and Hulu. So, fans have a lot to discuss. The latest debate is over whether or not the writers attempted to out-do Meredith’s trauma on the show with the introduction of this one character. 

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Who has had the hardest life?

The Grey’s Anatomy debate began over which character has had, “the hardest life.” Characters who were mentioned include Meredith, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington), and countless others. 

“I mean, it’s either the characters have a bad childhood, 20 near-death experiences at Grey Sloan, or a combination of both,” one Reddit user wrote. “Judging it would have nothing set in stone. In the end, they all have a hard life one way or another.”

Let’s face it, between friends dying, plane crashes, shootings, and bombs, everyone on the show has been through a lot.

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“Meredith had abandonment issues, suicidal tendencies, and has been through a hand in a bomb cavity, a plane crash, and a shooting,” the Redditor wrote. “I mean, the woman has been through it all in terms of childhood and hospital incidents.”

She also witnessed her mother try to commit suicide when she was a young child. The list of tragic things that happen to Meredith is extensive — not to mention that she died briefly and was brought back to life, and her husband tragically died before she could even say goodbye.

Did ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s writers bring in Jo Wilson to ‘one-up Meredith’s trauma?’

Although the list is long for Meredith, fans think Jo’s life might be worse. 

“Jo is literally the epitome of a horrible life, though,” wrote one fan. “I mean, the girl has been through it all. I feel like the writers tried to one-up Meredith’s trauma by throwing a bunch of issues her way.”

The surgical intern first appears in the season 9 premiere, where we see her first clashing with Alex. Eventually, the two bond over similar childhoods, form a relationship, and get married. We find out that Jo grew up homeless, her mother abandoned her, and then she had to flee from an abusive relationship in early adulthood. In season 16, Alex leaves her to be with Izzy and their two children. 

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“She doesn’t have a support system like the other characters do,” another fan added. “I mean no one really supported her after this Alex thing. When Linc [Chris Carmack] got back together with Amelia [Caterina Scorsone], he sort of left her, and then she was alone.”

Fans point out the hardships of several other characters on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

“Alex had a horrible childhood, and went through the shooting,” another fan added. “Cristina had an easier childhood until she arrived at Seattle Grace Mercy Death. She would later operate with a gun to her head, and go through a plane crash.”

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Fans point out that Cristina also held and then felt her father’s heart stop beating at a young age. 

“I’d also say Amelia, with her dad and Derek and her baby and the drugs,” another viewer wrote. “But hers is looking up.”

While fans believe that Jo might have overtaken Meredith for the hardest life, other viewers point out that it’s hard to choose. Many of the characters suffered trauma before working at Grey Sloan, and others went through extensive hardships while working there.