‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Kim Raver Calls the Season 16 Premiere ‘Just the Beginning’

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy are in countdown mode until the season 16 premiere on September 26. With the recent airing of the trailer and comments being dropped here and there by cast members and producers, finding out the fate of our favorite characters at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital can’t come soon enough. Actress Kim Raver, who plays Dr. Teddy Altman, recently described the upcoming season using roller coaster imagery.

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd ” Jessica Brooks via Getty Images

Where we left off with Teddy and Owen

The season 15 finale follows Teddy going to Owen’s home to proclaim her love to him, but finds Amelia instead. In true Grey’s fashion, Teddy goes into labor after telling Amelia her feelings for Owen. Mayhem ensues on the way to the hospital, with the bottom line being the two ladies in Owen’s life did some bonding, with Amelia telling Teddy that she’ll always love Owen but knows she isn’t meant to be with him, hence giving Teddy permission to pursue her true love.

Once they make it to the hospital, Teddy gives birth to a baby girl with Owen at her bedside. He professes his love to Teddy as the couple gazes in awe at their new daughter.

Raver recently commented on the scene to Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, literally, as she was giving birth, he’s professing his love and she’s trying to digest that,” the actress said. “Look, part of me feels like Teddy and Owen have worked on themselves for so many years and have been headed towards this, and I want such incredible things for them because I’m a hopeless romantic.”

Then there’s Koracick …

Yet, in the other room, the third party in the love triangle Dr. Tom Koracick (played by Greg Germann) is putting together baby furniture for Teddy.

Acknowledging the irony, Raver commented on where things left off with Koracick. “What’s with the timing?! As a viewer, I’m watching it, like, there’s Koracick in the baby room, eating his sandwich! I was like, ‘Oh my god, poor Koracick,'” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I love that, and I hope the audience loves that too because that’s the sort of thing where you’re like, ‘What is happening?'”

Though she may have a soft spot for Teddy’s storyline with Owen, Raver isn’t exactly counting Koracick out. “The other part of me loves the whole Koracick thing, because he’s funny and he takes such good care of her and there’s such an odd way about him,” she said. “But, she loves him.”

Hoping to show a real side of motherhood

Raver is the mother of two boys in real life, and wants to bring some reality on the challenges of parenthood to the storyline, especially as a new mom. “Me as a mother, I understand how it is the most rewarding thing, but it’s also incredibly confusing and challenging and you’re trying to figure out how to nurse,” she said. “I love that you have a badass cardiothoracic surgeon who is so good at what she does, and then she’s in a world where she has no idea [what she’s doing].”

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The actress called attention to television often portraying motherhood as everyday smooth sailing, where she wants to show the true ups and downs. “[She’s gotten] everything that she’s wanted and then what do you do with that? I told Krista [Grey’s showrunner], ‘We always see everything so perfect in Hollywood. Everything is so good. Wouldn’t it be so great to see the underbelly of Teddy literally in the deep end?'” Raver said. “And over the smallest things. We’re not just seeing Teddy arrive at the hospital and dropping the baby off because everyone does it so easily [on TV]. It’s so much harder than that. We’re definitely going to see that.”

Overall, Raver hints that the season premiere and its following episodes will not disappoint. “It is quintessential Grey’s with a lot of answers, a lot of questions, a lot of humor, some tears and it’s just the beginning,” she shared. “Imagine you’re in the seat of the roller-coaster ride and you’ve just gone down the first dip.”

The actress also eluded to many of the season 15 finale cliffhangers being resolved in the opening episode. “That’s the genius of [showrunner] Krista Vernoff, that she’s going to put all those pieces together, because that’s the fun of it too,” Raver said. “You have to explode the greatness to find the jewels.” 

Watch the season 16 premiere of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy on September 26!