‘Growing up Hip Hop’: Briana Latrise Starts Dialogue on If She Should Return for New Season

Growing up Hip Hop is one of the most talked-about television series on WE tv. After an explosive season earlier this year, many have been wondering which cast members will be on the show when it comes back, including Briana Latrise.

Briana Latrise
Briana Latrise | Donna Ward/FilmMagic

Last season of ‘Growing up Hip Hop’ was a dramatic one for Briana Latrise

Since joined the show, Latrise has been a figure that fans either love or love-to-hate. She was first a supporting cast member in the second season and was in the same capacity for the third season. For the fourth season, she was upped to main cast member status in the fourth season and has been one sense.

In her earlier seasons, Latrise was most known for stirring drama among the cast. She had notable feuds with Angela Simmons and her former co-star, Kristinia DeBarge. But things changed in the most recent seasons. Fans swayed toward her favor as most did not approve of the relationship between Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick.

During the season, Latrise was been openly against the relationship, trying to open Criss’ eyes to potential issues in the relationship. However, Criss did not want to entertain any of this at all and she and Latrise ended up getting into a physical altercation. In the aftermath of everything that happened Criss and Mattick said they were not returning to the show.

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She asks fans if she could come back

The cast has not been officially announced for the sixth season of the show.

On Instagram recently, Latrise posed a question to her fans. The post reads, “Let me know. Comment below. Do you guys think I should come back for season 6.” Latrise didn’t directly state her opinion on the matter, writing in the caption, “But also… tell me what you want to see.”

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Fans were divided in the comments as to whether they believe Latrise should be on the show for the new season. A lot were in favor of her returning.

“Yes.. I wanna see them showing how great and artistic you are maybe everyone coming to one of your art shows or something like that,” said one fan.

Another person added, “If they are going to show your talents and explore your story more and not use you for drama I would love to see you on still.”

However, some people do not think that she needs be back on the show.

“No, you’re above that wack production. I would love for you to have your own show or you and twist Have a show. The rest are supporting characters,” wrote one person.

Someone else said, “Tbh if you gotta ask us then, there’s your answer. Follow your intuition …. not your followers…. they’ll have you on there for 100 seasons. Is the bag worth it?’

Only time will tell if Latrise decided that the time is right for her to be a regular cast member again.