‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: James Gunn Reveals Why He Thinks He Got His Marvel Job Back

Slip-ups from famous people are an ongoing problem in the age of social media, even if we’ve learned to forgive some of those transgressions. A few things said are arguably unforgivable, and other things tweeted occasionally fall in the middle. James Gunn is an example of having your old tweets come back to haunt you as a reflection of a person you hopefully no longer are.

This is the stance Gunn now takes after being fired by Disney and then reinstated to direct the new Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. His firing and rehiring has reportedly made him self-analyze on things he said on social media.

It’s the latest example of celebrity forgiveness in a time when we wonder if a soul change is truly genuine.

Were Gunn’s tweets just humor, or the product of something disturbing?

James Gunn
James Gunn | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Many of Gunn’s old tweets were dredged up last year as a recurring trend in mining old tweets from notables to prove current motivations. We’ve certainly seen our share of people on Twitter finding Donald Trump’s old tweets to contradict many things he says now. The most common phrase used in this context is “There’s a tweet for everything.”

An argument can be made that what someone tweets a decade ago is perhaps a completely different person from what they are in 2019. All of Gunn’s tweets were done in 2009 and found last year due to tweets being so easily archived.

What took everyone aback was Gunn’s overly uninhibited comedy he deemed dark satire. When tweeting jokes about pedophilia, AIDS, and 9/11, though, you’re going to hit a brick wall.

Media analysts are still trying to figure out what Gunn was thinking when he tweeted his 2009 comments.

Per usual, there’s a political divide over Gunn’s past tweets

If you spend a lot of time on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen conservative pundits who’ve viciously gone after James Gunn’s tweets. They all say there’s a double standard going on in some conservative celebrities being banished while Gunn is rehired by Disney for a second chance.

While we don’t want to make a political argument out of this, what’s most important here is Gunn acknowledges what he said was wrong. Are we seeing the beginning of more notable people saying they’re a different person from what they were a decade ago?

Many might argue this should fit everyone, even our own President who has a tweet history almost as bad as Gunn’s.

The mystery comes down to whether a person really can change, or just does so conveniently because they were caught and fired from their careers.

Can self-realization help make you a better person?

One of the key things Gunn has said after initially being fired by Disney is that he realized he was solely responsible. Taking responsibility and looking into your own soul is always the first step to changing any bad behavior.

In this regard, our president could probably be helped this way through his own actions or with a therapist. At least Gunn understands what he said was wrong rather than defending it as dark comedy nobody understood as professional comedians likely would.

Having candor about this in recent interviews was one of the reasons he was rehired for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3It was also thanks to the cast rallying around him and persuading Disney to do the right thing.

Even so, the idea of truly changing is only really known to the offender.

Is Gunn believable in being a changed man?

Based on recent interviews, Gunn seems to show he’s completely genuine. Unfortunately, in the culture we live, we can’t always tell who’s telling the truth and who isn’t.

All we can do is hope when someone says they’re changed, they truly are rather than think it’s made up just to save their careers. At least more and more notable people are proving human beings are a lot more flawed than we ever realized in a time when we’re constantly looking for heroes.