‘Game of Thrones’: Gwendoline Christie Says Tormund’s Actor Stays in Character off Camera

Tormund Giantsbane loves to express his affection towards Brienne of Tarth with strange looks on Game of Thrones, but apparently that extends off camera as well.

Actress Gwendoline Christie was recently a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and she revealed that Tormund actor Kristofer Hivju likes to stay in character even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“He likes to continue being in character even off set,” she said. “…He will start chewing a sandwich wildly at me, masticating wildly at me. Really kind of making love to that sandwich as he eyeballs me. So it’s strong. Eyes like lasers.”

Christie said that though she is a classically trained actress, Hivju’s crazy looks towards her are the one thing that makes her lose it.

“Because no one told me that this is going to happen,” she said. “In the script it simply says, ‘Tormund gives Brienne a look.’ I was not expecting the power, the magnitude of sort of intense, sexual intention to poor out of a man’s eyes and cover me.”

She also noted that she finds Tormund’s looks at her to be “absolutely terrifying.”

On Game of Thrones this season, both Tormund and Brienne ended up in Winterfell, and Tormund had some pretty pointed looks towards Brienne a number of times, including once when he was eating. Later, Tormund specifically asked Jon Snow about Brienne, referring to her as “the big woman.”

It seems that a lot of the interaction between Tormund and Brienne was invented by the actors, specifically by Kristofer Hivju. As noted by Vanity Fair, the Game of Thrones showrunners have said that when they wrote the scene of Tormund staring at Brienne while eating, they had in mind the idea that Tormund had “never seen a woman like that before.” And as noted by Gwendoline Christie in her Seth Meyers interview, Tormund’s crazy look at Brienne in their second interaction was mostly the addition of Kristofer Hivju.

So will Tormund and Brienne actually end up together? That’s not entirely clear, nor is it really clear whether Tormund is even still alive after the destruction of Eastwatch. While the show technically kept this vague, most fans are of the belief that Tormund made his way to a part of the Wall that didn’t collapse, and he therefore lived to fight another day. Presumably, he will make his way to Castle Black in the season premiere in order to let everyone know that the army of the dead is now in Westeros.

Tormund looks at Brienne on Game of Thrones.

Tormund looks at Brienne on Game of Thrones. | HBO