Gwyneth Paltrow Digs a Deeper Hole With Marvel, Never Watched ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Those who work in the entertainment industry who say they aren’t familiar with their own movies or other pop culture often get side eye from their peers. On the other hand, there’s something refreshing about seeing a celebrity scoff about not seeing a popular movie everybody and their sister has already seen.

When you’ve been in the said franchise and still haven’t seen the movie, things get even more complicated. We now have to place Gwyneth Paltrow in this unique category. Well, nobody can argue she isn’t unique.

A while back, she displayed open confusion about what MCU movies she’d appeared in, causing an uproar within the fan community. In a recent interview, she dug a slightly deeper hole after saying she’s supposedly never seen Spider-Man: Homecoming. Is this forgivable, or should actors be expected to be knowledgeable about the films they appear in?

Gwyneth Paltrow on the Today show
Gweneth Paltrow | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

What exactly did Paltrow say about ‘Homecoming’?

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel brought up the embarrassing story of Paltrow appearing on Jon Favreau’s The Chef Show and not realizing what MCU movie she’d appeared in.

After broaching the subject, Kimmel asked Paltrow if “Spider-Man” was offended by this. She uttered “I haven’t really seen Spider-Man: Homecoming,” creating a massive roar of laughter from the audience.

Kimmel didn’t berate her for this because he thought she simply isn’t a comic book nerd like most MCU fans are. However, let’s keep in mind Paltrow said “Wait, take that back!” after she made her comment. Now we’re all confused whether she didn’t see Homecoming or whether she did.

Considering Paltrow has a very successful business with Goop, acting may just be considered a secondary job without having to invest substantial time learning about what she’s acting in.

When you’re running a major business, you don’t have time to watch your own movies

As controversial as Goop is with their products, it’s been a wild success for Gwyneth Paltrow. She even noted herself during the Kimmel interview how satisfying running a business is compared to acting.

No doubt she considers acting merely a fun side project nowadays, leaving the expectations of complete pop culture commitment off the table. Is that a good excuse for not investing one’s time in pop culture phenomena, or do fans expect actors involved to do their homework on their movies?

For comic book fans, they probably do expect the actors to learn about the background of the characters they’re playing and the history of the particular franchise.

As Paltrow notes, though, the MCU is a vast encyclopedia of information. When you’re on the phone most of the day working on your business, you’re not going to be taking time to read through comic books or scouring Wikipedia to learn about Spider-Man history.

Paltrow’s great life in making acting recreational

One of the most hilarious questions Jimmy Kimmel asked Paltrow is whether she ever read a comic book. It took her a few seconds to think back, and she finally said “yes.” Kimmel slyly jumped in at the same time and said “Nooooo.”

His expectation that she should never have to read a comic book may prove not everyone acting in the MCU is a comic book nerd.

The attraction to the MCU is clearly money since Marvel is willing to pay their actors handsomely thanks to deep pockets. Yet, we’re not sure Paltrow really needs the money when you see how much Goop makes per year ($250 million at last report). 

No wonder Paltrow looks at acting nowadays as something recreational rather than going all in on learning everything about her projects. In many ways, that seems like acting freedom personified. To those who take the MCU seriously, maybe it’s a bit sacrilege.

Gwyneth probably won’t have to worry about it, because she may not be in any more Marvel movies — unless the return of Spider-Man to Marvel means a future cameo of her Pepper Potts.

Perhaps her fellow actors will pull a prank and send hundreds of Spider-Man comics into her dressing room as quick-read research material.