Gwyneth Paltrow May Have Dropped a Big ‘Avengers 4’ Spoiler

Marvel fans looking for Avengers 4 spoilers need look no further than a recent interview with Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes, it appears the Pepper Potts actress may have inadvertently given away something huge about Tony Stark in the upcoming film, and what she said has some pretty significant implications.

Here’s a look at what Paltrow said that she really shouldn’t have (page 5) and what it could mean for Tony Stark’s fate.

1. The two Avengers movies were filmed back to back

Avengers: Infinity War

It’s hard for the actors to keep track of what was filmed for which movie. | Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 were shot back-to-back essentially as one big movie. Because of that, it seems that a lot of the actors have been getting confused about which scenes are in which film.

Anthony Mackie, for instance, once referenced shooting a scene for Infinity War with Tom Holland and Dave Bautista. But he shares no screen time with those actors in the third movie.

Recently, Paltrow had a slip-up of her own.

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2. In Infinity War, Tony and Pepper are engaged

Pepper Potts and Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming

They discuss the wedding in the beginning of Infinity War. | Marvel Studios

First, let’s look at where Tony and Pepper are in Infinity War in order to illustrate why Paltrow’s spoiler is such a big deal.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony effectively proposes to Pepper. He pulls out a ring and suggests he should finally propose in order to satisfy a group of reporters who were expecting a press conference about Spider-Man, but Pepper brushes that idea off.

At the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, Tony and Pepper are engaged. Tony makes mention of this upcoming wedding several times, at one point jokingly disinviting a character.

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3. Tony also says he wants to have a kid

Pepper Potts and Tony Stark Iron Man

This is what the future could hold for them. | Marvel Studios

Another big part of Tony’s storyline in Infinity War is that he hopes to have a child with Pepper. At the beginning of the movie, Tony mentions that he had a dream about having a kid, only to wake up and momentarily think that Pepper was pregnant. She wasn’t (as far as we know), but this made Tony realize that he wants them to start a family.

The movie shows, however, that Tony’s ability to settle down and start a family is complicated by the fact that he’s frequently going off on dangerous missions.

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4. Paltrow says Tony and Pepper get married

Gwyneth Paltrow in a black dress, smiling for the camera on the red carpet

Did she give away this spoiler? | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Recently, Paltrow spoke about Tony and Pepper’s relationship in Marvel’s Official Avengers: Infinity War magazine, and she said something that made fans do a double take.

Paltrow said that Pepper starts off as Tony’s assistant, but then the relationship evolves, and now a decade later, “they’re married.” Wait, what? Paltrow didn’t say that Tony and Pepper are engaged, or that they’re preparing to get married. She said that they are actually married.

That obviously didn’t take place in Infinity War, so she’s probably confusing that movie with Avengers 4. Her quote, therefore, seems to confirm that Tony and Pepper do marry in the next movie. But that’s not even the biggest spoiler she revealed.

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5. She also says Tony and Pepper have a child

Tony Stark Infinity War trailer

It sounds like he’s going to be a father soon. | Marvel

The second part of what Paltrow said is an even bigger deal, though. In the same breath that Paltrow is talking about Tony and Pepper’s evolution, she says that now the two of them “have a child.”

The first part of her quote could potentially be explained away as Paltrow making a mistake and meaning to use the word “engaged” rather than “married.” But there’s really no explaining this second part other than that Tony and Pepper have a child in Avengers 4, and Paltrow accidentally gave that away.

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6. Does this confirm that Tony survives Avengers 4?

Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers: Infinity War

His wedding could bring everyone together. | Marvel Studios

A few months ago, a lot of fans were predicting that Tony Stark would die in Avengers 4. But now, it’s seeming a bit less likely. One would think that the craziness going on between Infinity War and Avengers 4 would not leave much time for Tony and Pepper’s wedding. So it’s reasonable to think that their wedding does not happen until after Thanos’ actions have been undone.

This would seem to suggest that Tony does not die in Avengers 4. The cast had previously been teasing a scene featuring every single Marvel character, including ones who disappeared in Thanos’ snap. So perhaps Avengers 4 could end on a triumphant note with Tony and Pepper’s wedding, an event that all of the heroes attend.

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7. This could happen between the two movies

Avengers 4 set scene

This scene from the Avengers 4 set could be a major spoiler. | Wochit Entertainment via YouTube

There’s an alternate reading of this spoiler, though: Tony and Pepper will actually marry and have a child between the two movies. There has already been a lot of speculation that there will be a time jump between Infinity War and Avengers 4. In set photos from the latter film, Tony looks older.

There have also been reports that Marvel is casting a 16-year-old actress to play Cassie Lang. Since a 10-year-old actress currently plays Cassie, this suggests a time jump of around six years.

One point against this theory, though, is the fact that Tony does not appear to be wearing a wedding ring in the leaked Avengers 4 set photos.

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8. Paltrow also hinted that Pepper might become Rescue

Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3

We may see her don a suit of armor once more. | Marvel Studios

This actually is not the first time Paltrow has dropped what appears to be a big spoiler for Avengers 4. Back in December 2017, Paltrow posted a photo online showing herself in a motion capture suit (she later deleted the picture). The only logical reason she would need to be wearing this is if there’s a scene in Avengers 4 where Pepper dons some of Tony’s armor, as she did in Iron Man 3.

In the comics, Pepper actually gets a suit of armor and takes on the name Rescue. So some fans believe this will actually happen during Avengers 4, with Pepper coming in to save the day at a key moment.

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