Hailey Bieber Reacts to Aunt Hilaria Baldwin’s Heartbreaking Instagram Post

Hilaria Baldwin has been trying for her fifth child with husband, Alec Baldwin, for many months. In September, the Baldwins shared they were expecting a girl. However, on Nov. 11, Baldwin revealed she lost the baby. And Baldwin’s niece, Hailey Bieber, weighed in to show her support during this difficult time.

Hilaria Baldwin had a miscarriage in April 2019

Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber | Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

This is the second miscarriage for Baldwin this year. The first happened in April. She posted her raw confession on Instagram on April 4, just as the miscarriage began:

I want to share with you that I am most likely experiencing a miscarriage. I always promised myself that if I were to get pregnant again, I would share the news with you guys pretty early, even if that means suffering a public loss. I have always been so open with you all about my family, fitness, pregnancies…and I don’t want to keep this from you, just because it isn’t as positive and shiny as the rest. I think it’s important to show the truth…because my job is to help people by being real and open.

She went on to say she spoke out to “normalize miscarriage and remove the stigma” from it.

“I have to pretend that everything is just fine—and it truly isn’t,” she said. “I don’t want to have to pretend anymore. I hope you understand.”

Baldwin further explained what she knew was likely inevitable.

“The embryo has a heartbeat, but it isn’t strong, and the baby isn’t growing very much,” she said. “So we wait—and this is hard. So much uncertainty…but the chances are very, very small that this is a viable pregnancy. I have complete confidence that my family and I will get through this, even if the journey is difficult.”

In a photo, just five days later, the loss was confirmed.

“There was no heartbeat today at my scan…so it’s over…but I have some pretty strong and amazing heartbeats right here,” she captioned a family photo at the time. “I am surrounded by such love and I feel so fortunate. Thank you all for listening, for your support, and for sharing your own personal stories.”

Baldwin shared news of a second loss

On Nov. 11, after attending her 20-week scan for a different pregnancy, the mother of four shared more heartbreaking news.

“We are very sad to share that today we learned that our baby passed away at four months,” she wrote on Instagram. “We also want you to know that even though we are not ok right now, we will be.”

She went on to look on the bright side, focusing on her four young children.

“We are so lucky with our 4 healthy babies—and we will never lose sight of this,” she said. “I’m really devastated right now…I was not expecting this when I went to my scan today. I don’t know what else to say…I’m still in shock and don’t have this all quite clear.” 

She revealed she took the photo after telling her daughter, Carmen, the baby “isn’t going to come after all,” promising to try to give her a sister at another time.

Later, Baldwin posted on Instagram Stories about her D&C — a procedure to remove tissue from inside the uterus — scheduled for the following day.

“Today didn’t go as planned. I’m very sad,” she captioned the story. “Tonight is my last night with her…such a strange experience.”

Hailey Bieber and other celebrities showed Baldwin love and support

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Happy Halloween… love the family

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Bieber took to Instagram to show her love and support of her aunt over the loss.

“I’m so sorry. Love you guys ” she captioned with a heart emoji.

The post also garnered condolences from celebrities and personalities, including Mario Lopez and Gretta Monahan.

In her latest post, Baldwin is post-D&C.

“Eyes swollen from crying, groggy from anesthesia, crampy from the surgery…but I made it and I want you to know that I’m physically ok,” she said. “I’m grateful for my family, friends, doctors, and nurses, and all of you who have held my hand through this difficult time.

Baldwin’s stepdaughter, Ireland Baldwin (daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger), weighed in saying, “I love you.”

The news is devastating, but Baldwin speaking out about something many women go through is admirable.