Halle Berry is Here for Self-Care and Skincare

Halle Berry is known on the big screen as a movie and beauty goddess. Her life has been anything but simple, and she has faced her fair share of trials and tribulations to get to where she is today. Once, she even lived in a homeless shelter before her big break.

Recently she has been in the media for several big movie releases, and her own take on Fitness Friday which she shares with her followers via Instagram. Despite her hardships, she has proven that hard work pays off. Well, hard work and a good facial regime. 

The facial video on Instagram Live

Halle Berry on the red carpet
Halle Berry | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

As if  Berry could not get any cooler or down to earth, she has done something that only the most selfless of beauty moguls would ever do; given us an inside look at her daily facial routine.

Not only has she provided step by step instructions, but she went as far as telling us what products she uses and surprisingly, they are more affordable than we could have imagined. 

The main reason we got such an awesome four-step Instagram Live video is because Berry thought we deserved it after practicing social distancing and self quarantining. Berry also has a soft spot for empowering people, especially women.

Her Instagram feed has been filled with fitness tips and tricks, workouts, and inspirational quotes about not just being a beautiful woman, but a smart and powerful woman as well. 

Berry starts her live video by telling us a little about her love for facials. Since she was 16 years old, she has practiced her skincare regime of doing her facial twice a day, morning and night.

She emphasizes that she never misses a day. Viewers can really tell that she is passionate about her self care by how much enthusiasm she displays. 

The products Halle Berry uses

The best part about the video is her willingness to share the names of the products she is using. Although she doesn’t mention the cleanser she uses, she does mention the soft-bristled scrub brush she uses with her cleanser. She calls it a “Phillips motorized brush” and describes the bristles as soft. 

Her next product is Ole Henriksen Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub. For $28 this product can be in your bathroom for your own facials! Berry raves about the scrub. She “really likes it” and describes it as being “eucalyptus-y” and also grainy, like sand. 

Her next product is SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Face Masque. While this one is a little more expensive than the scrub (coming in at $55 on the SkinCeuticals website) Berry does a great job of convincing viewers that the masque is essential. Just watching the video makes your own pores scream for their own dose of hydration from the gel-like masque.

It is very soothing to watch her apply it (and slap her face with it — more on that below!)

The next product she uses is a moisturizer developed by her longtime friend and associate Olga Lorencin. The serum is a Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum, and costs $79. Noting that this is her favorite step, she proves that statement by telling us her nickname for moisturizer; “Good good”. 

Now that we know the products, let’s get to the steps of Berry’s facial

Step 1: Cleanse- Start with a really good cleanser, and rub in upward, circular motions (to prevent premature sagging as you age). This is where she uses her soft-bristled brush as an extra measure to unclog pores and really get her skin cleansed deep. She emphasizes in each of the facial steps to not forget your neck! 

Step 2: Exfoliate- here she uses the Facial Sauna Scrub. She rubs the scrub onto her skin, again in upward and circular motions. When you feel like you’ve sloughed off your dead skin, rinse the scrub away. 

Step 3: Masque- Although she mentions the hydration mask in her video, she points out that she changes her mask depending on the season. In the winter when her skin is more prone to dryness, she uses the hydration masque. In the summer, when her skin is more prone to being oily, she uses a clay masque.

When applying the hydration masque, Berry slaps it onto her face! She claims that by doing this she is waking up her skin cells. Let your masque sit for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Moisturize (or “good good” as she calls it)- Berry slaps the “good good” on as well, comparing moisturizing your face to the way an artist prepares a canvas for a pretty picture. “If skin looks good then everything else looks good,” she says. 

At the end of her video  Berry shares some tips on  other ways to practice self-care right now.

Her advice? Do some yoga, read a book, meditate, and overall- enjoy the quarantine, love your family, and love yourself.