Halsey Announces the Release Date of Her New Single ‘Graveyard’

Halsey Graveyard
Halsey | (Bryan Bedder/WireImage)

Halsey’s 2019 has been busy. The singer released the song “11 Minutes” with Yungblud and collaborated with BTS on the song “Boy With Luv.” She hosted Saturday Night Live and released the single “Nightmare.” Adding to her busy year, Halsey just announced the title and release date of her next single, “Graveyard.”

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‘Graveyard’ drops on Sept. 13, 2019

On Sept. 3, 2019, Halsey tweeted “1:17pm.” After the cryptic tweet, she posted the cover art for her new single. A pink and orange filter covers the photo announcement. Except for a rectangle that covers half of Halsey’s face, a blur overlay filter overtakes most of the image.

The name of the song is written beside Halsey, and “follow me” is written above her. The figures “(A)01” and “H3” are also written on the image. Beside those figures, fans noticed faded out letters and symbols, but they are difficult to read.

Along with the cover art, Halsey announced the release date of the song.

“GRAVEYARD. 9/13,” she wrote on Instagram.

Fans think there are album clues in the ‘Graveyard’ announcement

Fans suspected an announcement before Halsey even announced the release of “Graveyard.” Because Halsey’s debut EP is Room 93, fans wondered if Halsey would announce something for her upcoming album on Sept. 3. After Halsey tweeted the announcement, her fans stayed in investigation mode and found clues in the cover art.

“the new album is called Manic. it’s going to be an eerie album focusing on darker elements. My theory is she’s burying her old self(graveyard) and starting fresh. Hints halsey’s 3rd album, but Ashley’s 1st. its abt her breaking out and showing us a new version of her,” one fan theorized on Twitter.

The name Halsey is an anagram of Halsey’s real name, Ashley. Halsey is her professional name, and her debut album Badlands is a concept album based on a dystopian future. Her second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, was also a concept album and was based on Romeo and Juliet. Fans suspect Halsey’s third album will differ from her previous concept albums.

“what if we’re getting a two-sided record…. halsey’s 3rd/ashley’s 1st album,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Halsey might drop more clues about her album

After announcing the release date of “Graveyard,” Halsey tweeted another message out to her fans.

“lots coming between now and then. look alive,” she wrote.

Several fans found irony in Halsey’s message given the name of her new single.

“Halsey telling us to look alive while the album/single name is graveyard…..,” a fan tweeted.

“but we’re going to the graveyard. how do we look alive?,” a fan replied to Halsey.