Halsey Delivers a Showstopping Performance of ‘Graveyard’ at the MTV EMAs

Halsey released her new single “Graveyard” in September and just performed the song at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The single is from Halsey’s upcoming album, Manic, which arrives Jan.17. Before she performed “Graveyard” at the MTV EMAs, Halsey released a music video for the song.

Halsey MTV EMAs
Halsey | Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for MTV

Halsey’s ‘Graveyard’ performance incorporated fantasy

To put it simply, Halsey’s performance of “Graveyard” was a showstopper. The singer opened the performance lying in a field and she sang while surrounded by flowers and other plants. She then rose up and danced as carousel horses surrounded her.

Halsey danced on top of one of the carousel horses before running and dancing across the stage as she sang. Her carefree movements seemed to mirror the same energy as her character in the music video for “Graveyard.” In the music video, Halsey and actress Sydney Sweeney run through a carnival together.


Halsey said the MTV EMAs performance was one of her favorites

After the awards show, Halsey posted a set of photos from the performance on her Instagram.

“one of my favorite performances of my life last night at the @mtvema,” she wrote in the post.

It seems Halsey’s fans agree with her, as they posted about how much they loved the performance on social media.

“can’t get over halsey’s performance. her voice, the outfit, the choreography, the visuals, the aesthetic and the scene were all so beautiful. truly one of her best ones. #MTVEMA,” a Twitter user wrote.

“i’m sorry but this is her most iconic performance EVER @halsey,” a fan tweeted.


Halsey took home awards at the MTV EMAs

Halsey didn’t just give a captivating performance at the MTV EMAs, she also took home awards. Halsey won two awards that night. She won the award for Best Pop, beating out Ariana Grande, Becky G, Camila Cabello, Jonas Brothers, and Shawn Mendes. The second award Halsey won was Best Look.

After the awards show, Halsey tweeted her gratitude about being able to perform “Graveyard.”

“It’s always been more my style to go onstage alone. It’s spiritual for me. I love the freedom of the space. Limitless transformation and instinct. Thank you @mtvema for letting me bring this fantasy to life,” she wrote on Twitter.

Halsey’s new album drops in January

Halsey’s fans are anxiously awaiting Halsey’s new album, Manic. The songs “Graveyard,” “Without Me,” and “Clementine” will all be included on the album. Halsey’s single “Nightmare” will not be included. According to Halsey, this is because “Nightmare” did not fit with the overall theme of the album.

Originally, Manic was going to be an angry album the way “Nightmare” is an angry song. In an interview with Billboard, Halsey revealed that when she started writing the album she no longer felt angry.

“I sat there to make this album and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to make an angry album.’ And I wasn’t mad. It’s exciting,” she said.

Based on “Without Me” and “Clementine,” it seems Halsey’s song “Graveyard” matches the tone of Manic. The album drops on Jan. 17, 2020.