Halsey Gushes Over the BTS Family and It’s Basically the Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

The genuine friendship between BTS and Halsey is one that fans hope will never end. Everyone knows the two chart-topping artists collaborated on the hit single, “Boy With Luv.” But, the alliance didn’t stop there.

Since the song dropped, both BTS and Halsey have been supportive of one another, delivering one endearing moment after another. At the 2019 Billboard Awards, Halsey made friendship bracelets for the boys. Meanwhile, BTS poked fun at the solo artist during their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour. And the “Without Me” singer even made a surprise visit during the Paris show on June 7.

Now, over five months after “Boy With Luv” made its debut, Halsey still has a few fond memories to share about working with BTS. And not going to lie, it’s far too relatable for members of ARMY.

Halsey reminisces on working with BTS for the ‘Boy With Luv’ collaboration

On Oct. 21, Halsey stopped by Virgin Radio Toronto to discuss her upcoming album Maniac. But, of course, the host couldn’t help but ask the singer-songwriter about her relationship with BTS.

“They’re awesome. I’ve been singing their praises the entire time that we’ve done the collaboration,” Halsey said. “We’ve been friends before we did the song. But, we rapid-fire connected we did the record and were hanging out all the time.”

Halsey also touched on getting to know the seven BTS members — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — as individuals during “Boy With Luv” production. “I really got to know each of them individually,” she noted. “But, I was privileged enough to spend enough time with them and forge my own connections.”

The 25-year-old then explained why she gets along so well with the K-pop group. “We’re all almost the same age. I think the youngest is two years younger than me, the oldest is two years older,” Halsey said, adding they’re all into similar things and hold the same values.

“We’ve both wanted this for our whole lives,” she declared. “We want to make our families proud and we both are kind of perfectionists.”

Halsey says being with BTS feels like ‘having a family’

As if Halsey’s comments about BTS couldn’t be more endearing, the music artist went on to reveal that being with the seven members made her feel like “having a family.”

“It felt so special doing the collaboration with them because they get to be around each other all the time” she explained. “I’m a solo artist. So it can get kind of lonely for me sometimes. But, it was almost like I had this little family while we were making the song.”

Halsey continued: “And we’d all laugh if I messed up at rehearsal. They were so supportive. All of us would come in exhausted in the mornings and perk each other up. It really felt like having a family. And it kind of made me envy them a little bit — they all get to be together all the time. It was very special.”

The “Bad at Love” songstress then confirmed the friendship between BTS is just as authentic and real as fans perceive.

BTS and Halsey Billboard Music Awards - Season 2019
BTS and Halsey | Todd Williamson/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

“The coolest thing about it was watching a machine that big operate — so effortlessly and authentically,” she said. “And to see how happy they are, how much they really get along, and how much they really love what they do. Because you never know, but they really do.”

Nevertheless, Halsey’s next comment will resonate with members of ARMY, especially those who have gone to BTS concerts and experienced post-concert depression once the boys slid down under the stage for the final time.

“Every time I would leave them, I would get so sad,” Halsey confessed. “I would be like, ‘I don’t want to go away from BTS! I wanna hang out with BTS more! Like, I gotta be alone now?’ So yeah, that was real.”

ARMY reacts to Halsey’s statements about BTS

Following the interview with Virgin Radio Toronto, fans took their thoughts to Twitter, where they gushed over BTS and Halsey’s friendship.

“Super sweet,” one fan wrote in response to the video. “It must be hard to find ppl who are genuine within the industry so I’m glad u guys found each other.”

Halsey gets a question about BTS probably in every single interview she’s done ever since the collab,” another fan tweeted. “But she always spends so much time answering and praises the boys in the sweetest way possible :C I’m so happy they enjoyed their time together.”

Meanwhile, other fans pointed out Halsey’s notion about not wanting to leave BTS is universally felt.

“BTS really always has that ‘I don’t wanna leave them/I don’t want them to leave’ effect, even on a ‘one to one’ scale. That’s so interesting to know,” a Twitter user described. “They have a beautiful thing surrounding them, and they carry it wherever they go.”

“Lot’s of love to Halsey! Not even knowing BTS, it sometimes feels ‘hard to leave’ them, because their music is such a pocket of positivity away from the real world,” another user shared. “Getting to be in a creative space with kind, genuine people must have been so refreshing.”

Although the two music artists have a busy schedule and haven’t been seen together in some time, Halsey’s remarks about BTS prove their friendship is still going strong. That said, both artists are set to perform at the 2019 Jingle Ball on Dec. 6 in Los Angeles. And you bet ARMY is ready for the reunion.

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