Halsey Believes ‘Manic’ Will Be Better Than ‘Badlands’

Halsey’s first full album Badlands is a fan favorite. Though her second album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom also has its hits, Badlands is something special. The album introduced many people to Halsey and her talent. It is full of songs with meaningful and beautiful lyrics that many fans can relate to.

So, many Halsey fans will probably be surprised that anything could top Badlands. If the singer is right about her newest album, she may have another hit record on her hands. And fans will likely be even more excited for her new album Manic after seeing it be favorably compared to her first full album.

What did Halsey say about ‘Manic’ and ‘Badlands’?

Halsey promoting Manic which she says is better than Badlands
Halsey visits Hits Radio in London, England | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Bauer Media

Halsey is a very talented singer. So she probably knows what she’s talking about, at least a little, when she says that Manic is better than Badlands. There’s no way of knowing for sure until the album is released and fan reactions can be seen. Yet it’s definitely possible that her new album will be above her first.

According to a tweet by the singer, “it’s just a different thing. It’s sooooooo real.” It may be hard for some Halsey fans to imagine an album better and more real than Badlands. Yet just try to imagine it.

An album like Badlands but written by Halsey now when she has more singing and songwriting experience. Sounds good to us!

How does Halsey describe ‘Manic’?

One fan asked Halsey if the Manic album is less theatrical than Badlands. The singer had this to say: “not necessarily. In a weird way, it is. It gets very grand and delusional and colorful at times.”

Sounds intriguing. Halsey went on to describe the album as also “very *tiny voice* and straight up.” It seems like this album may be Halsey’s most honest album yet, which fans will likely enjoy. It’s always nice to see artists express themselves and be vulnerable through their art.

The album also, judging by what Halsey has said about it, seems to express a wide variety of emotions. As the singer herself says “it’s called manic!” This means that the album is likely full of intense emotions, both good and bad.

How else might ‘Manic’ be different from ‘Badlands’?

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According to Halsey herself, “no two songs on the album are alike.” This is somewhat different from Badlands, which had many songs with a similar feeling to them. Manic seems to, at least based on what Halsey is saying, have more variety. That’s probably a good thing, that way this album might have something for everyone.

So…the question that is probably on many fans’ minds: will Halsey’s Manic really be better than Badlands? Only time will really tell. Yet with a variety of different kinds of songs, a mix of theatricality and honesty, and the vulnerability that the album seems to have, it seems like it could be a winner.

In any case, fans are likely even more excited than they already were for Halsey’s newest album. If Manic really is better than Badlands, Halsey will definitely have a big hit on her hands. It seems like fans will be rushing to buy Manic as soon as it’s released.