Halsey Releases Music Video for ‘Clementine’ on Her Birthday

Halsey always surprises her fans. In September, the singer surprised fans by uploading a music video for a new song, “Clementine.” Halsey released the song to celebrate her 25th birthday.

Halsey clementine
Halsey | Rebecca Sapp/WireImage for The Recording Academy

Halsey’s brother co-stars in the music video for ‘Clementine’

The song “Clementine” is a single off of Halsey’s upcoming album, Manic. Halsey surprised fans by dropping the song and music video on her birthday. The song sounds a lot different than Halsey’s previous discography, and showcases how Manic is Halsey’s first album as Ashley and not as a character. In the music video, Halsey dances through an aquarium with her brother, Sevian.

On Twitter, Halsey wrote, “Exactly 25 years ago to this moment I was born. I wanted to celebrate today by sharing a new song called ‘clementine’ and a cute lil video for it that i made with my brother Sevian. Enjoy :).”

The singer also gave fans insight to the creative process behind the song.

“the last verse in clementine is a small poem i wrote last year about having a black eye. then it became clementine,” she tweeted.

Fans loved the message behind ‘Clementine’

One thing Halsey’s fans appreciate about the singer is how Halsey presents herself as an artist. On numerous occasions, Halsey has shown her skills as a painter. She also is not as concerned about breaking records and topping charts and instead writes and releases music the way she wants.

“i love how halsey released clementine on a sunday, bc this song is important to her and she wanted to release it on her birthday. she doesn’t care about the charts for this song, it’s not meant for radio. she just wanted to share this special song with us on her birthday,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I really truly love clementine so much because it’s so clearly not made to be a commercial hit. It’s almost four minutes long and has no major beat drop. It’s just pretty and gentle and important and introspective and her. A song made by Ashley, for Halsey,” another fan tweeted.

Halsey’s fans also enjoyed the concept of the ‘Clementine’ music video

Halsey’s new album, Manic, does not come out until January 2020. While fans have a few months to wait, Halsey has released a steady stream of album clues, singles, and music videos before the album’s release. After the release of “Clementine,” fans like the musical direction of the first singles of Manic.

“I’m speechless. halsey is one of the few artists that, even tho I know are capable of incredible things, still surprise me. clementine’s mv is on another level of lovely. it’s sweet, soft, warm, pure, it’s perfect. I’m extremely proud of her for doing such amazing art #clementine,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“I absolutely adore the clementine video and song,” a Twitter user wrote.

Fans are also excited that Manic will have a different tone compared to Halsey’s past albums.

“badlands and hfk were both released at stages/times in my life that i needed them, when i only felt understood when listening to each album. manic is on its way to do exactly that and that’s why halsey is my dream artist. she gets it. somehow we’re always going through the same,” a fan tweeted.