Hannah Ann Hates Peter Weber’s Magic Trick TikToks

Former Bachelor Peter Weber has been busy filming TikToks during his Coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine. Not only has Weber posted videos featuring former contestant Kelley Flanagan, but he’s also posted many videos of him doing magic tricks. Weber’s magical talent has shocked Bachelor Nation, inspiring a number of people to poke fun at his quarantine hobby — including Weber’s ex- fiancé Hannah Ann Sluss.

Sluss has been open and honest about her breakup with Weber, but now she’s using Twitter to throw shade and Bachelor Nation is here for it. 

Hannah Ann Peter Weber magic tricks
Hannah Ann Sluss & Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Hannah Ann is very much over Peter Weber and his ‘love square’

After he proposed to her and called their engagement off less than a month later, Sluss has every reason to hold some sort of disdain for Weber. In a recent interview with David Spade, Sluss uttered an exaggerated “Ugh” when Weber was mentioned.

Spade asked Sluss the important questions, like what it was like for her to see photos of Weber and Flanagan together. Sluss replied: 

“When I saw the pictures, I really wasn’t that surprised by it. You know, I mean, I’ve moved on, Peter’s moved on; we’re both able to do what we want. And also, in regards to Kelley, I met her through the show, so we were friends and we were dating the same guy, so me seeing her with someone that I had dated, it doesn’t really maybe make me as upset if it wasn’t for any other circumstance, you know? I mean, they can choose to do what they want to do. I’m just glad that I’m out of, like, the love triangle…square. It’s square now.”

Hannah Ann Sluss is embracing the shade 

Aside from removing every photo of Weber from her Instagram, Sluss has been overtly shady on Twitter as of late. Weber has been relieving his quarantine boredom by creating TikTok videos of him performing magic tricks.

Bachelor Nation was surprised to learn Weber had a penchant for magic, and therefore had a lot to say about it. Sluss just happened to notice, retweeting one user’s insult that read “Imagine how satisfied Hannah Ann must be to see her ex doing magic on Instagram.” Her retweet included a reply that read: “HAHAHA she’s like BYE B*TCH see ya never, THE QUEEN @HannahannSluss WON!!!!”

Is Peter Weber dating Kelley Flanagan now?

Weber and Flanagan caused quite a stir in Bachelor Nation when they were spotted in Chicago together. Then, Weber posted videos of the two confirming that they have been quarantining with each other.

Kelley Flanagan Peter Weber dating
Kelley Flanagan | Instagram Story

More recently, former Bachelorette contestant Dustin Kendrick told Us Weekly that he, Weber, and Flanagan have spent the last few weeks in Flanagan’s apartment:

It’s just the three of us staying at Kelley’s apartment. We’ve just been chilling, making TikTok videos, trying to stay out of trouble with people. I’m going to be here [quarantining with Peter and Kelley] until the very end. Hopefully, this will be over at the end of the month, so, we’ll just see how it goes. Hopefully, we all stay together through this time.

Dustin Kendrick, Us Weekly

Kendrick didn’t confirm that Flanagan and Weber were a couple, but he did say he wasn’t opposed to the idea. On the other hand, Bachelor star Clay Harbor (who has been seen in Chicago with Weber and Flanagan) said “yes” when asked if the two were dating in an Instagram Live.

The story of whether or not Weber and Flanagan are definitely dating continues to unfold. As it does, Bachelor Nation hopes to see more shade from their Queen, Hannah Ann Sluss.