‘The Bachelor’: Are Hannah Ann Sluss & Peter Weber Still Together?

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber charmed their way into the hearts of Bachelor Nation fans throughout the 2020 season. In recent episodes, Weber and Sluss have experienced nothing but sweet romance, and at one point, Pilot Pete even called the 23-year-old model the “most perfect woman.” But with The Bachelor finale on the horizon, fans are wondering whether Sluss and Weber are still together by the time “After the Final Rose” rolls around. It seems the season-ending spoilers are still up in the air.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 24.] 

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber on 'The Bachelor' Season 24 Finale
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 | John Fleenor via Getty Images

At the start of The Bachelor Season 24, Sluss appeared to be vying for the villain role. During night one, she continuously interrupted other women to get more time. This didn’t sit well with some of the other castmates. But it was quite the opposite with Weber.

By the end of the night, Weber gave Sluss the first impression rose. Then in an interview with Cosmopolitan on Feb. 4, Weber opened up about Sluss and shared why she stuck out from the rest of the pack.

“I’m really turned on by someone who is persistent and who shows me, especially in that kind of atmosphere, that they’re there for me and how excited they are for me,” Weber said. “Her intention just was so obvious from the very beginning and throughout the night. She definitely made a point of seeing me a lot, and while some people would think that’s too much, I loved it.”

He continued: “Every time she came back, I got a smile on my face, got the butterflies. The talks we had, hearing about her connection with her family and how we immediately bonded over that was something special. It was a pretty easy choice.”

Later, Sluss allegedly stole Kelsey Weier’s special champagne and the whole thing — now infamously called “Champagne Gate” — caused both women to break down in tears. Nevertheless, the drama died down and the two contestants made up. 

As The Bachelor Season 24 continued, Sluss faded more into the background. She wasn’t involved in much of the drama. Meanwhile, Sluss continued to grow her relationship with Weber. And although Sluss’ father didn’t exactly give his stamp of approval during Hometowns, the couple had a solid Fantasy Suite date.

In the next rose ceremony, Sluss was chosen as one of Weber’s final two, alongside Madison Prewett. But will Sluss and Weber’s relationship continue to blossom past The Bachelor bubble?

[Spoiler alert: Who wins Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.] 

Are Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss still together after ‘The Bachelor’?

On March 5, Bachelor Nation spoiler guru, Reality Steve, released details about Weber’s season finale, including who the 28-year-old chooses in the end. And despite their compatibility on paper, it seems Weber and Sluss are no longer together.

According to Reality Steve, Weber called off the final rose elimination ceremony when Prewett didn’t show up. However, the bachelor didn’t break up with Sluss on the spot, as he needed to speak with Prewett to make his decision. But even so, Weber chose Prewett. The blogger then theorized Weber is likely apologizing to Sluss in The Bachelor finale promos, as the scene was filmed in California.

That being said, hours after Reality Steve published the spoilers for Weber’s ending, the franchise blogger had an update for fans and shared he received conflicting information.

“Being told so many different things now,” Reality Steve wrote on Twitter. “Original sources sticking by what they said. New sources saying that’s not it. It’s madness!” He then stated Weber still chooses between Sluss and Prewett. So no wild fan theories — like Hannah Brown or Kelley Flanagan returning — will come true.

Then on March 9, Reality Steve updated his Bachelor finale spoilers. Now it seems Weber did not cancel the final rose ceremony. After Prewett left the show, Weber proposed to Sluss in Australia, giving her his final rose. However, Sluss and Weber broke up, ending the engagement. The 28-year-old bachelor then decided to pursue Prewett.

What is Hannah Ann Sluss doing now?

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As always, nothing is confirmed until The Bachelor airs on ABC. But whether or not Sluss and Weber get together after The Bachelor finale on March 9 and 10, the model is making moves. In late February, fans on Instagram discovered Sluss plans to move to Los Angeles. And of course, some viewers speculated this means Sluss won Weber’s season.

Nevertheless, Sluss’ friend, Bachelor in Paradise alum Hannah Godwin, reminded the fandom that most former cast members move to L.A., even if they don’t win. And given Sluss is a model and is starting up her own YouTube channel soon, it makes sense the 23-year-old would head to the city eventually. In March 2020, Godwin told People:

Fun fact: Hannah Ann and I discussed the possibility of moving to L.A. to pursue modeling years ago, and we were actually discussing possibly rooming together. It was very early. It was a super early conversation. So I know she’s definitely been trying to move out West for a while. There’s just a lot more opportunities for the industry that she’s in. I don’t think that that’s really any giveaway.

But does this close-knit friendship mean Godwin has some insight on Sluss and Weber’s relationship status? Unfortunately for fans, no.

“I thought we’d have a little bit of tea in our pocket with this, both of us knowing somebody, but it’s been very hush-hush ,” Godwin said. “It’s kind of killing me not really knowing what the ending is. But it is kind of cool to see our friends vibing. And if they are together, maybe double dates in the future.”

Regardless of what happens in The Bachelor finale, let’s just hope Weber, Sluss, and Prewett make it out the other end in one piece. So stay tuned. The dramatic conclusion airs March 9 and 10 on ABC.

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