Hannah Brown Gives Brutally Honest Dating Advice To Fans–’I Can’t Even Pretend Like That’s Not Weird’

In a few months, former bachelorette Hannah Brown got more dating experience than some people will get in a lifetime. So, these days, she’s regarded as somewhat of a dating expert.

She recently answered some fan questions about dating for Elle, and in true Hannah Brown fashion, she was not shy about being brutally honest.

Hannah Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images
Hannah Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images

Swiping right on a friend

One fan asked Brown: “I want to swipe right on my friend on a dating app… but dont’ want to make it awkward. How can I let him know I’m interested.”

Brown thought the fan’s strategy was a horrible play.

“Don’t swipe right on the app, kay? That’s weird. If you’re friends and you swipe right on the app, that makes it awkward. You should just like, I don’t know, let him know. Text him. Start flirting a little bit. But don’t do it over the app. If you’re gonna like see him the next day. So weird! So weird. Don’t do that. Flirt a little bit,” she said.

Brown continued: “A good thing maybe you could do is like send a screenshot of his profile on the dating app and be like, ‘Swipe right winky face,’ I don’t know. That’s probably weird. But start a conversation. Don’t just like swipe right and then see him at your friend hangout and not say anything. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. So weird. I can’t even pretend like that’s not weird.”

Anyone thinking they might break down the friend barrier by swiping right on an app, know that Brown is vehemently against it.

Sleeping with your sister’s best friend

“I slept with my sister’s best friend… and she doesn’t know it. Is this a secret I should carry to the grave?” asked another fan.

“Maybe not to the grave but like close to it. It depends on how close you and your sister are. Please don’t tell me it was when she was over for like a sleepover or something,” responded Brown.

The reality star feels like the truth always comes out eventually (she has some experience with that–shout out to Jed Wyatt).

“I’m all about honesty. I feel like it always comes out. It always comes out. But does your sister really wanna know that? Like is it really going to make that much of a difference other than, like, ‘ew, that’s disgusting’? Or is it going to be something that’s gonna cause issues? And if it’s gonna cause issues, it’s probably gonna be found out sooner or later. Sucks to be you. Just sayin’,” she concluded.

Blocking an ex on social media

Then, a fan asked Brown about whether they should block their ex. Apparently, he “still follows me on social media, lurks on all of my pages, and likes all of my posts. But I really want to forget him.”

Brown is all about doing what you need to do to feel better and move forward.

“If it’s bothering you then you need to block him. And if you’re asking this question then it’s obviously bothering you. And if it’s messing with your head then, yeah, block him,” she responded.

But Brown also suggested the fan do some introspection to make sure they’re not doing something similar.

“You’re saying your ex still follows you, lurks, and likes, are you doing the same? Do you still follow your ex? Are you constantly checking their social media? So make sure first that you’re unfollowing. Mute him if you don’t want to unfollow him because it’s gonna be this big ordeal. Mute. There’s a mute button. I use it. It’s a good tool. It’s just a button,” she said.

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