Hannah Brown Opens Up About Feeling Exploited By Reality TV Producers

In the past year, Hannah Brown’s become a reality TV star and savant. She was thrust into the world of reality TV when she competed on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, then again when she starred in The Bachelorette, and now as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

Hannah Brown | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images
Hannah Brown | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

That means that Brown’s become pretty accustomed to working with producers.

Hannah Brown is feeling protective of her emotions after a year of reality TV

In her recent DWTS diary she wrote for Bustle, Brown opens up about sometimes feeling exploited as a reality TV star, espeically at the hands of producers.

“I have producers on all these shows. I know they’re doing their job, they’re trying to tell my story, but I sometimes feel like they’re trying to tell a story to make my life into a story that they want. What’s hard about this all is it is my life, it is my story,” Brown writes for Bustle.

She continues: “I hate being fed things to say. There’s something to me that feels slimy to see my name and thoughts being given to me as sound bites. Even if they’re essentially true, I just feel like it should come from the heart. The past year has made me sensitive to my emotions being exploited and used to tell a story. I’m scared they’ll be used in a manufactured way.”

Thankfully for Brown, this past week she was working on the Paso Doble, a dance with a lot of intensity and aggression. So she got to dance out a lot of her frustrations.

“I get irritated at Alan, I get irritated at people telling me what to say in a freaking interview, or having ideas about me. I did not want my life to be this way,” she writes of her feul for the dance.

Brown goes on to write about how frustrating it can be to constantly have cameras on her.

“We had a few moments where we had to take some breaks and work through it, and I think a lot of the emotion was coming from constantly having the cameras on,” she wrote about one of her rehearsals with her partner Alan Bersten.

“It’s hard having a camera watch you struggle in many different ways and not having the luxury of being able to settle it off-camera. I talked to our producer Alex and Alan really candidly about how I was feeling and doing and how we could all work together,” she continued.

Where Hannah Brown gets to contorl ‘[her] story’ on ‘DWTS’

Where Brown does feel in control of her narrative is during her master interviews.

“I love the master interviews because they’re where I can really just shoot the breeze and tell my story about where the week’s going to go. I also love when I make the camera people laugh when they’re not supposed to say anything by doing crazy stuff. It’s my favorite thing ever,” she wrote.  

As difficult as it’s been for Brown, at times, to navigate the world of reality TV, we know we can always count on her to be honest with how she’s feeling, with us and with the people she’s working with.

Reality TV can be an interesting source of entertainment that illuminates the parts of life the public is most interested in. But it can also exploit its participants to achieve a narrative that, at the end of the day, really has nothing to do with them and their well-being.

We’re confident Brown will see to it that her real story always gets told, one way or another.

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