Hannah Brown Wants You to Know She’s Not Being Fake

Former 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown poses in a beautiful gown
Hannah Brown is not being fake. | Ed Herrera/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Hannah Brown is no stranger to heartache. After appearing on the 23rd season of The Bachelor, the beautiful southern bombshell was starting to fall madly in love with the star of the show, Colton Underwood. After she started to get close to him and had even met his family, Underwood decided to send Brown packing without showing much remorse. 

Recently, Brown was given the opportunity to try to find love once again when she starred on the latest season of The Bachelorette. At the end of the show, she picked Jed Wyatt only to find out later that he had actually had a girlfriend while on the show. Brown may have had her fair share of let downs when it comes to finding romance, but she doesn’t let that stop her from still being happy.

Recently, some fans have questioned whether or not Brown is actually as happy as she appears to be in public. So, in reality, is Hannah Brown still upset and is just faking her happiness for the cameras? Here is what we know.

Hannah Brown is accused of pretending to be happy

Recently, Brown posted a picture of herself dancing on the beach, with the caption: “This is the energy I’m channeling this week: stay weird. choose joy. shine girl shine.”

Not long after she had posted the picture, one of her fans voiced their concern. “I hope you’re TRULY happy and not pretending for IG.”

After the dramatic time that she had on both television dating shows, it is not surprising that fans would be a little skeptical about her happiness. Not only did the guy that she chose on The Bachelorette turn out to be a liar, but later, when she decided to ask out the runner up, Tyler Cameron, he agreed then was later seen going on numerous dates with supermodel, Gigi Hadid.

Hannah Brown’s response

It didn’t take long for Brown to see the comment that was left on her Instagram picture. And while she doesn’t make it a habit to respond to every comment on her social media accounts, she clearly felt that she couldn’t just let this one go unanswered.

“I’m not pretending for Instagram,” Brown told the commenter. “That doesn’t help me or others. I didn’t even say I was necessarily happy – I have happy moments and find joy in those.”

Brown may have had her ups and downs recently, but she told US Weekly that she truly loves the person that she is today. She is also thankful for all of the events that have happened in her life. Even the bad ones have helped mold her into the strong and independent woman that she is today. “I think through weakness you become stronger… and I definitely think that I’ve done that, and I really like the girl that I’ve become,” Brown had said.

The future looks bright for Hannah Brown

Last week, Dancing with the Stars posted an ominous picture on their Instagram account. It was a sneak peek at who the some of the new contestants would be on this season of DWTS. The mysterious picture had only shown the arm and long blonde hair of one contestant, but fans immediately knew who it was. A few days later, DWTS confirmed that the fans’ suspicions were right and one of the newest contestants on the popular reality show would, in fact, be Hannah Brown.

Brown’s dancing partner has not been announced yet, but she is definitely in good company when it comes to the other contestants. Some members of the star-studded cast include James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek, and Khloé Kardashian’s ex, Lamar Odom.