Hannah Ferrier From ‘Below Deck Med’ Sounds off Over ‘Negative’ Social Media

Although most reality television personalities understand what they are signing up for, many can get bogged down by the unsolicited tsunami of hate coming from social media.

Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean joins the growing number of Bravo personalities who may be struggling with the onslaught of hateful and angry social media comments. She recently posted to both Instagram and Twitter about the challenges of being in the public eye. Especially when the public feels free to hurl nasty and unwarranted comments her way.

Hannah Ferrier |Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ferrier asserted that she does not ruminate over social media, plus has a funny system in place to avoid doing so. However, she reminds fans she’s more than someone viewers watch on television and that negative remarks have an impact.

Fans hide behind their keyboard

The Cheat Sheet connected with Erin A. Vogel, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California San Francisco’s Department of Psychiatry about the growing hate in social media. Caroline Bedol from Below Deck was receiving an extreme amount of social media hatred and Vogel explained why fans feel the need to assert their anger toward someone they don’t know.

“People often forget that they’re hurting real people with these comments,” Vogel remarked. “They may justify their comments by saying that high-profile personalities open themselves up for criticism when they agree to be in the public eye. But with nasty comments on social media, high-profile personalities may get more than they bargained for. I’m sure many celebrities are really surprised by how cruel people can be, and it does affect them.”

Fighting back can make things worse too, Vogel says. During the height of the Below Deck Twitter anger, Bedol tried to take down trolls, which often backfired. Ultimately Vogel urged viewers to take a beat before they went off on someone on television. “I’d encourage viewers to think about why that person’s behavior bothers them so much. Did that person really do something terrible, or do they just remind you of someone else who annoys you?”

Other ‘Below Deck Med’ stars are also targets

Although the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean hasn’t started, Ferrier has had to deal with her share of angry viewer comments. When the new season was announced, some viewers soured when they heard she was returning. In fact, her crewmate, João Franco got so much social media hate, he closed many of his social media accounts. Plus he wasn’t going to return to the show.

Franco spoke with The Cheat Sheet about why he wasn’t going to return. “I was reluctant,” he said about returning. “Because I knew who I was and what I needed to change. My hesitation wasn’t about how I’d be portrayed again, but because I got used to a normal life. Plus it was nice not being questioned about my character or personality.”

He said it was his strong friendship with cast member Colin Macy-O’Toole that helped him make a decision to return. “Colin said, ‘I know who you are,” Franco shared. “You must go back and show people who you really are because you’ve changed so much,’” Franco says. “It was tough. But Colin really helped me and gave me words of advice to go back and to prove myself.”

Ferrier says reality personalities are just human

Ferrier posted a stunning black and white photo to Instagram and shared her raw feelings about being a target. “In every good – there’s a bit of bad and in every bad – there’s a bit of good. I’m getting a bit down by all the negativity on social media lately. I totally understand wanting to voice your opinion but attacking people that you don’t know isn’t cool. Just remember ‘reality’ stars put their life in the public for your enjoyment. But they are still human beings who make mistakes and have feelings. Words matter.”

She said that her friends keep her on track and help her avoid the hate. “I told my close girlfriends that if I ever end being one of those people that spend more time on their phone then appreciating the moment then they are allowed to slap me hard in the face and I will seriously question what I’m doing. So far – no slaps!!”

Many fans reacted positively and offered support. “Well said Hannah seeing the stuff people have been saying lately makes me appreciate all of you so much more. I am grateful for that you all do this for our entertainment,” one person posted to Twitter. Ferrier responded, “I wish everyone could see that – it’s entertainment.”

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