Hannah G.’s Dating History Before ‘The Bachelor’

Hannah Godwin was a fan-favorite and major contender on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Right up until Colton broke up with her, fans and Hannah herself believed she’d be the one awarded Colton’s final rose. When he dumped her to go chase after Cassie Randolph, all of us watching along at home were shocked.

The cast of 'The Bachelor' | Rick Rowell via Getty Images
The cast of ‘The Bachelor’ | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

Hannah G. and Colton had a sweet, effortless connection, but what was Hannah’s dating life like before she went on The Bachelor?

Hannah G.’s dating history

During a recent interview with Olivia Caridi on her podcast, Mouthing Off, Hannah spoke about her longest relationship.     

“I had been in a five-year-long relationship and we just kind of realized that we started dating really young and we were just going in different directions. Totally have respect for him, vice versa. But we ended things almost two years ago,” she told Olivia.

On The Bachelor, Hannah seemed to be comfortable slipping into the role of ‘girlfriend’–it’s no surprise that she was in a relationship that lasted five years.

After that relationship, Hannah says she dated around but, with her schedule, it was hard to get into something serious.

“After that, I kind of dated around a little bit but I traveled so much for my job so it was really hard to date.”

She went on to talk about what lead her to realize she needed to just be by herself for a while, before deciding to go on The Bachelor.  

“There were just a lot of people who would date me with the idea that I would be this perfect ideal something and I’m like ‘hey, fun fact: I’m not.’ I could tell that they would say things like ‘I want to bring you to this event’ and I don’t know… I think sometimes they liked the idea of me more than they wanted to be with me. And that’s where I was like ‘ok, I’m gonna date myself for a second’ and that taught me a lot. And then I signed up for The Bachelor,” she said.

During that period of ‘dating around,’ Hannah was actually romantically involved with former Bachelorette contestant Chris Strandburg. The two had an amicable split and are still friendly with each other today.

Why Hannah G. went on ‘The Bachelor’

As for what pushed Hannah over the edge to decide to sign up for The Bachelor? One-too-many solo weddings and a few mimosas.

“All of my friends kept telling me that I had to try out. I was always the single girl at weddings and it was an ongoing joke with my friends, like, She’s by herself if anyone wants to dance with her! As much as it was fun to joke about that, it also sucked because it wasn’t exactly where I thought I would be at that point in my life. So finally, after a few mimosas one day, I filmed a video. My best friend helped me and we sent something in,” Hannah G. told Vulture.

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