Hannah Godwin Confesses This Wasn’t Shown on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Bachelor in Paradise may be closed for the season, but fans are still jonesing for new content. Luckily for them, Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour recently revealed some of the things fans didn’t have a chance to see during their tenure on the show. Because there are so many, different storylines to follow throughout Bachelor in Paradise, things inevitably get left out in order to produce the most interesting television possible. An example of this is the producers cutting out the entire conversation between Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor at the reunion special. Now Godwin is getting candid about what was left out of her edit.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion
Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour | John Fleenor via Getty Images

A quick relationship recap

Though Godwin and Barbour are happily engaged now, with plans to live together in the distant future, their journey on Bachelor in Paradise wasn’t the easiest one to navigate. Though Barbour was all in on Godwin from the very beginning, and completely uninterested in setting his sights on anyone else, Godwin was initially more interested in playing the field. Godwin showed a pointed interested in Blake Horstmann and spent a good chunk of time with him despite his Stagecoach antics. Godwin also said yes to a date with Jordan Kimball, before backing out in favor of spending more quality time with Barbour.

The infamous BIP love triangle

Godwin certainly received a lot of flack for her apparent indecision. Fans and critics alike accused her of toying with Barbour’s emotions and called her names for even considering Horstmann. But, Godwin recently confessed that she was not nearly as indecisive as the Bachelor in Paradise producers made her out to be. In a recent interview with Glamour, Godwin revealed that a lot of footage which showed how much more invested in Barbour she was than other suitors never made it to the screen.

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What Bachelor in Paradise left out

When Godwin was asked what fans didn’t get to see about her Bachelor in Paradise journey, she has an answer readily available. “The hours and hours and hours and hours of conversations that we had about life, about each other, about…even me also really pursuing [Dylan], and having my struggles with all of that. I think they showed some parts of it, but I don’t think they fully showed how much I was leaning toward Dylan,” Godwin confessed.

Hannah Godwin pursued Dylan Barbour too

Barbour was quick to cosign Godwin’s behavior as truth and confirmed that there were times that she pursued him that Bachelor in Paradise producers didn’t have the time and/or inclination to show. “Hannah has some game! She has some game. We talked in that pool for hours about everything from our favorite foods to what we wanted to do in life, our hopes and dreams, how many kids we wanted, just in general just learning about each other. I think one of the first things she asked me was ‘What’s your five-year plan?’ And ‘Where do you see yourself in five years,'” Barbour recounted.

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Godwin continued on to share that their relationship was much deeper than what was actually shown to the viewers. “We had actual conversations on Paradise. Not just ‘You’re cool, you’re sweet.’ We’ve been laughing about it, and it’s fine, but we talked about so much more. We talked about what [Dylan] wants to do in his job, what his career plans are, what makes him, him. It’s fine, because there’s only so much they can show, but it’s just funny watching it back. I’ll take it, though,” Godwin said good-naturedly.

Still together and stronger than ever

We absolutely believe Godwin’s claim that the Bachelor in Paradise producers dumbed down a lot of her more complex feelings on the show. She seemed to have an odd edit during her time on The Bachelor also. Despite the strange condensing of their relationship, it’s great that the couple can look back at it and laugh. Hopefully, they can keep that levity as they continue navigating their new relationship.