There’s a ‘Hannah Montana’ Prequel in the Works

Sweet niblets! One of the most beloved Disney Channel shows is getting a prequel and it looks like fans might even see some familiar faces gracing the screen when it debuts. Hannah Montana, which ran from 2006 – 2011, put Miley Cyrus on the map. Though most people knew her father, Billy Rae Cyrus — the series thrust the songstress into superstardom.

The show followed Miley Stewart, a typical teenage girl hiding a very big secret. Though she was just the girl next door to most of her classmates and teachers, her family and close friends knew that she was living a double life. In addition to making it to first period on time, Miley was also a famous pop singer, Hannah Montana, determined to keep her identity a secret.

Now, it looks like Disney + is cooking up a prequel for the show, and there is one Hannah Montana alum who is desperate to be involved.

Miley Cyrus has worked hard to distance herself from ‘Hannah Montana’

Though she has reflected back fondly on her relationships with her costars — Cyrus has gotten candid about feeling controlled during her time as a Disney Channel star. After all, the moment the show ended in 2011 — Cyrus began to reshape her image.

In 2013 — when she released her single, “Wrecking Ball,” with a new image as a part of her album, Bangerz — Dinsey fans knew that this was going to be a new era of Miley.

Though Cyrus is no longer in her Bangerz era — the “Mother’s Daughter” singer doesn’t have a shiny Disney image, and we doubt she would have any interest in being a part of the Hannah Montana prequel almost a decade later.

Here’s what we know about the ‘Hannah Montana’ prequel

Billy Rae Cyrus spilled the tea about the Hannah Montana prequel ahead of the debut of his Super Bowl Doritos commercial with Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot.

“They’re talking about doing a prequel, which to me, I would do that in a heartbeat,” Cyrus revealed to Hollywood Life. “Because that means I get to get my mullet back. “I think there’s a whole story that led up to Miley becoming Hannah Montana.”

In August 2019, Cyrus revealed that he knew Hannah Montana would be a hit. “I had that feeling about ‘Achy Breaky Heart’,he told Entertainment Tonight Canada. “I had a feeling about Hannah Montana. I felt that Miley was Hannah Montana. That show was gonna be a hit.”

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Miley Cyrus is still close to her ‘Hannah Montana’ costars

Though she has no interest in returning to her role as Hannah, and she’s been consumed with new music and her new beau, Cody Simpson — Cyrus still adores her Hannah Montana costars.

“When you’re with someone all the time, it’s more than just she and I are friends, we’re sisters now,” she about Emily Osment who played, Lilly Truscott in an interview with Seventeen. “When we first met we had an instant friendship and now we’re more like sisters.”

Even if the “Slide Away” singer has no interest in the Hannah Montana reboot, we could expect to see her dad and her former costars in cameo roles.