A ‘Happy Endings’ Revival Could Be In The Works At ABC

It’s not always the shows we want that get revived. But right now, it looks as though there’s the possibility for one beloved series, Happy Endings, to finally get its second coming. (Side note: Happy Endings: The Second Coming would make a great name for the revival, wouldn’t it?) Here’s the latest news.

What was Happy Endings about?

Happy Endings stars
Happy Endings stars Adam Pally, Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Damon Wayans Jr., Casey Wilson, and Zachary Knighton | Bob D’Amico/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Happy Endings follows a group of six friends living in Chicago. After Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) break up on their wedding day, they have to figure out how to make their dynamic work. The rest of the crew is comprised of Alex’s sister Jane (Eliza Coupe), her husband Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.), a childhood friend Penny (Casey Wilson), and the perpetually unemployed Max (Adam Pally). 

The series definitely has a Friends kind of vibe, but with a more stylized kind of humor. Its success was really dependent on the hilarious main cast as well as many, many comedic guest stars. The characters are simultaneously over-the-top and very, very relatable.

The series was canceled after three seasons

After airing from 2011 to 2013 on ABC, Happy Endings was canceled. Despite critical acclaim, it never gained a solid viewership — due at least in part to its out-of-order airing during the first season and its constantly changing timeslot for the third season.

The internet was outraged. Think pieces were written, while critics and dedicated fans alike teamed up to mourn the loss of the incredible series. Of course, time passed, and the show’s stars along with creator David Caspe all moved on to new projects.

A reunion in 2016 sparked rumors

But many never gave up. In May 2016, the cast got together for a reunion panel at Vulture Festival, where they discussed the characters, their favorite moments and episodes, and, of course, the possibility of a reunion. Caspe said, “I think if someone would actually let us do it the real way, that everybody would want to do that. But we have not gotten that offer.”

And that came sooner than we thought, though not in the form many might expect. At EWPop fest in Oct. 2016, the cast gathered once again, this to do a live table read of a “lost episode,” titled “Happy to Be Here.” Still, this wasn’t enough for dedicated fans of the series.

The latest news on a revival

Less than three years later, we have more news as to whether a true revival is in the cards. “I will never say never; I’m hearing whispers,” ABC president Karey Burke told The Hollywood Reporter recently. “That is a dream of a lot of people at ABC. I’m hearing that there’s a remote possibility of something. It’s at the very beginning [stages].”

“Happy Endings was certainly one of my favorite ABC shows,” she continued, “One of the things Erin [Wehrenberg] and I bonded over when she came over [from Warner Bros. TV] to take over comedy development was a desire to do a show like Happy Endings, which led to a conversation about Happy Endings. So, I think she’s exploring what’s possible.”

Would the original cast be involved?

This is the biggest question on everyone’s minds. As far as we can tell, no one’s interested in a reboot — the focus is on a revival featuring the original cast. So will they all be available?

Right now, Coupe is filming the final season of the Hulu series Future Man, so that could leave time in her schedule. Cuthbert’s Netflix comedy, The Ranch, is also ending, and Wayans Jr.’s Happy Together is over. However, Pally, Wilson, and Knighton are all committed to shows right now. So we’ll have to see if the timing lines up.

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