‘Harley Quinn’ Season 2 Premiere Review: The Injustice League Rises

Harley Quinn probably thought her second season would be out while her live action Birds of Prey movie was still in theaters. WB moved up the VOD release for the movie so people could watch it at home, but you can still get more of a Harley Quinn fix with season 2 of her animated series on DCUniverse, which irreverently introduces the Injustice League.

Harley Quinn Season 2
Harley Quinn Season 2 | Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Season 1 of Harley Quinn premiered November 29, 2019 and ran 13 episodes on the DC streaming service. Season 2 premieres Friday, April 3 and delivers more of the uncensored naughty hijinks you expect from her.

Harley Quinn’s party can’t last forever 

With both Batman and the Joker defeated, Gotham City is in chaos and that’s just how Harley Quinn (voice of Kaley Cuoco) likes it. The president has flat out removed Gotham City from the United States. Harley relishes the gory carnage the animators bring to life on the streets. 

It doesn’t really phase her when both The Penguin (Wayne Knight) and Two Face (Andrew Daly) send goons to take over the dead mall where Harley and friends are hiding out. Harley dispatches them to keep partying but Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) warns her she needs to take charge and she’s right. Chaos won’t last forever and if Harley doesn’t emerge on top, someone else will.

Injustice League
The Injustice League | Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Penguin, Two Face, Riddler (Jim Rash), Mr. Freeze (Alfred Molina) and Bane (James Adomian) form the Injustice League (get it? They certainly milk it). It’s always something, so Harley has a new foe threatening to cut her party short. The idea of villains trying to work together through their personal beefs is just as funny as The Avengers doing that.

Fun with the Injustice League

The plot could be the premise of a straight Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey or even Batman movie, but the Harley Quinn series plays it for laughs. Without bosses, the goons lack direction. One gets hung up on semantics. Even the head villains struggle to do basic household things for themselves, and complain about the minutiae of their evil lairs.

Two Face and Mr. Freeze | Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

They keep making irreverent asides about heroes who aren’t present to defend themselves. Commissioner Gordon (Christopher Meloni) is pining for Batman. He’s disappointed in who he gets instead. 

‘Harley Quinn’ is still naughty

There are only seven F words in the Harley Quinn season premiere, but there are plenty of A words and S words too. Not just from Harley, all the bad guys swear up a storm and Commissioner Gordon breaks decorum once too. 

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn | Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The episode bookends with extremely violent scenes. The animators have a good time drawing excessive bloody red splotches, whether they’re innocent Gothamites or deserving henchmen. All of Harley’s friends get in on the violence too. King Shark (Ron Funches), Sy Borgman (Jason Alexander), Clayface (Alan Tudyk) and Ivy get some awesome moments.

The Injustice League makes a move at the end of the episode that sets up an exciting season. There’s going to be a lot of fun new dynamics for Harley Quinn to play with. As long as Harley remains Harley, her chaotic glee will be fun to watch in any scenario.