‘Harry Potter’: Did J.K. Rowling Give Harry The Wrong Career?

Though the Harry Potter books are over, J.K. Rowling has revealed a lot of details about the lives of the characters she created after the last book was released. One such detail is Harry’s career as an Auror in the world of Harry Potter. Though it was Harry’s dream to become an Auror, some might say that J.K. Rowling chose the wrong career for her title character.

Harry has many talents and these talents could be used in many different ways in different careers. Some would argue that he should’ve had a different career, that could have shown more of his talents. While still others would agree with the author that an Auror is the right career for the Boy Who Lived. Let’s explore these arguments and come to a conclusion.

Why might it have been a good idea for Harry from ‘Harry Potter’ to be an Auror for his career?

Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter: did Harry have the wrong career?
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According to Hilary Elizabeth from Screen Rant, there are quite a few reasons why Harry from Harry Potter would have a great career as an Auror. One reason is that his name already “strikes fear” in Dark Wizards. This would give Harry the Auror quite an advantage when facing any foe. Another reason is that Harry would have no need to be “afraid of the job.”

He has faced Dark Wizards and Witches before and survived, many of whom he met while still a child. By the time Harry reached adulthood in the Wizarding World, he had met so many Dark Wizards and Witches that he’s probably a safe bet for the Auror office. Harry also genuinely wants to do what’s right, a characteristic that “would… serve him very well” as an Auror. Harry is also good in a fight and defeated Voldemort, the most powerful Dark Wizard ever, both qualities that would make him a good Auror.

Given all of this, it might seem like being an Auror would be the only career for Harry in the world of Harry Potter. Yet there are other options.

Why might it be a bad idea for Harry to have a career as an Auror in the world of ‘Harry Potter’?

Harry seems to be made for the career of an Auror in the world of Harry Potter. Yet what if there was a better option? One that would honor his skills with a wand and with “practical magic” but also utilize other skills of Harry’s. A career that he would be “a natural” at.

A career that would also honor Harry’s love of Hogwarts, where he could “do for others what Hogwarts did for him.” This is a career where Harry could really thrive. This career would tap into Harry’s “massive knowledge base” and allow him to truly enjoy himself.

Some clever Harry Potter fans might have guessed what this career of Harry’s could be. But if not, that’s ok, just keep reading.

What other career could Harry have?

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The career that Harry could have in the world of Harry Potter besides being an Auror is being a professor at Hogwarts. Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, to be exact. According to Adrienne Tyler from Screen Rant, this is a career that would suit Harry much better. He demonstrates, during the events of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, that “he [has] the patience and talent to teach.”

He teaches all of Dumbledore’s Army defensive magic when Professor Umbridge refuses to. And his name and story would likely be inspiring to students. After all, “who better than the boy who lived to teach generations of young wizards how to defend themselves?” This career would likely work out well for Harry in the world of Harry Potter, as it would combine his skills with a wand with his skills for inspiring and helping others.