Harry Potter Fans Say These Spells Would Be Most Useful In Real Life

The last Harry Potter movie — not including the Fantastic Beasts franchise taking place in the wizarding world, yet chronicling Newt Scamander — hit theaters back in 2011. However, one thing this groundbreaking cultural phenomenon retains — everlasting relevance. If Harry Potter marathons on ABC aren’t enough to keep these stories at front and center, a theme park at Universal Orlando Resort sure helps, as does all the wand merchandise for casting Harry Potter spells at home.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
‘Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix’ | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Harry Potter fans far and wide still debate over the best book to movie adaptations, the worst book to movie adaptations, the strongest characters, the wisest among them, the funniest scenes, and the list goes on and on. From the most powerful spells to the most fun spells to say, you can find a list covering just about anything on Harry Potter. Here we will discuss the most useful Harry Potter spells.

While Defense Against the Dark Arts was an important course requirement for Harry and his friends (who would come to fend off death eaters), certain spells likely wouldn’t be necessary for one’s day-to-day. So, which spells in Harry Potter would make life a little easier for us muggles? 

In a discussion covering the spells from Harry Potter that would be most useful in real life, a few trends quickly emerged. Let’s just say, we’re all trying to avoid some annoying hassles life brings our way.


This is the spell Hermione Granger uses to fix Harry Potter’s glasses. Imagine if, every time something broke, we could flick our wrists and fix it. Think about the money and time you would save. One Potter fan explained 

Yeah, I can’t imagine anything better than reparo. The cost savings alone would be awesome, plus the reduction in waste would be incredible.

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While this would be incredibly useful, others chimed in with spells that would have more groundbreaking results, on a planetary scale. 


Aguamenti creates fresh water out of thin air. Think about all the countries currently suffering due to a lack of fresh drinking water. One fan explained: 

Aguamenti. Creates fresh water out of thin air. No more water shortages or water-borne illnesses in the third world. No more threat to crops from drought.

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This one is pretty obvious once you remember what it does: it cleans. Imagine being able to clean your entire house with ease. Cleaning can take hours on end. No need to give yourself time to prepare for company; instead, just call upon scourgify to get the job done. Just make sure to pronounce it correctly; the below video should not be used as accurate guidance.

Honorable Mentions

As would be expected, some fans chimed in explaining how useful crucio (the torture curse) could be to the government, and why Avada Kedavra — an untraceable killing curse — could prove quite effective. Though these are on the darker side, they also carry some weight, as our muggle society is shackled by our need to touch things to accomplish a great deal of tasks. However, it seems that most people would be happy creating clean water, cleaning up the house, and repairing broken objects.