‘Harry Potter’: How Sirius Black Could Have Prevented The Potters’ Tragic Fate

Every Harry Potter fan knows what happened to James and Lily Potter. Yet not every fan knows how Sirius Black could have prevented them from suffering that tragic fate. Yet that’s what we’re here for: to explain what some fans may have missed.

No doubt some clever fans have already guessed what we’re referring to. Yet for those of you who haven’t, we won’t spoil the mystery yet. Keep reading to find out how Sirius could have saved James and Lily from their deaths at the hands of Voldemort.

Harry Potter cast (Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson)at the premiere of Deathly Hallows Part Two
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How were James and Lily Potter protected?

James and Lily Potter did not go down without a fight. In the world of Harry Potter, they were respected and loved and Voldemort could not change that. So how did they die? Well, it all has to do with the Fidelius Charm.

The Fidelius Charm is a powerful spell that keeps a secret hidden within another’s soul. Any magical means of getting the secret out of the designated Secret Keeper will have no effect on the charm. James and Lily Potter had their location hidden using the Fidelius Charm.

Have you guessed what’s going on yet?

Where does Sirius Black come into it?

Sirius was asked to be the Potters’ secret keeper. Unfortunately for James and Lily, he initially offered to do it but then said no. Why would he do that, given that he was such a good friend of James’? According to Screen Rant, it has to do with Remus Lupin.

For some reason, Sirius was suspicious of Remus, concerned that he was a spy. In this, Sirius was wrong. Sirius instead suggested Peter Pettigrew as the Potters’ Secret Keeper. Unfortunately for them, Peter was the actual spy and immediately told their location to Voldemort.

How could Sirius have saved James and Lily?

If it wasn’t for Sirius’ suspicions of his friend Remus being misplaced, Sirius would have been the Potters’ secret keeper. Harry would have grown up, possibly, with two loving parents and Voldemort might have even been defeated sooner. We’ll never know what could have been if Sirius had only trusted himself— and Remus — more.

It is definitely possible, though, that such a tragic fate for James and Lily could have been avoided. With Sirius as secret keeper, the secret would have less chance of getting out. Especially since it couldn’t be extracted in any magical way.

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Sirius would have kept the secret and spared his friends the tragedy. Although the story would have been a lot different with James and Lily in it. Perhaps without the tragic fate of his parents, Harry would not be the same person. Maybe everything worked out the way it was meant to in some odd way.

Only J. K. Rowling truly knows how the story would have been affected if James and Lily had lived with Sirius as their secret keeper. Poor Harry might have had a better life. Or not, you never know. If Voldemort hadn’t been almost defeated then, Harry’s early life would have been very different.

He might never have gone to Hogwarts and met Ron and Hermione at all. And his adventures wouldn’t have been the same without his best friends.