Harry Potter World Lives on With J.K. Rowling’s New Character

Harry Potter fans got a pleasant surprise on Monday when J.K Rowling released another original tale set in the Wizarding World — this time introducing an entirely brand-new character.

Earlier this summer, Rowling thrilled longtime readers of the beloved series by penning a brief update on the lives on Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. Now she’s back to tell the story of singing sorceress Celestina Warbeck. The Pottermore tale, written in the form of a biography, was released via Today.com and chronicles the life of Celestina, who Rowling describes as one of her “favorite ‘off-stage’ characters in the Harry Potter series.” Though Celestina never made an appearance in any of the seven Potter books, the author reveals that the character has been a “part of the Potter world since its inception,” and was once included in the Daily Prophet series she wrote for a “short-lived fan club.”

So what’s the background on this new character? According to the story, Celestina was born to a Wizard father and a Muggle mother. From an early age, she showed exceptional vocal talent. Unfortunately, there was no school available for both magic and stage. After enrolling in Hogwarts (as part of the Gryffindor house), Celestina’s mother lobbied the school to create a choir, theater club, and dancing class to cultivate and “showcase her daughter’s talents.”

Apparently, all that dedication paid off. In present day Harry Potter world, Celestina is a world famous sensation known as “the Singing Sorceress.” She appears most often with a “chorus of backing banshees,” performing her famous songs like “You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me,” “A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love” and her biggest hit yet, “You Stole My Cauldron but You Can’t Have My Heart” (which you can listen to above).

Her music has won over the hearts of millions of fans, including Ron’s mom, Molly Weasley, who obsessively follow her tumultuous life in the gossip columns of the Daily Prophet. The singer has been married three times — once to a backup dancer, once to her manager, and once to a composer — and has a son from her second marriage.

In an intro to the story, Rowling also shared details of the character’s creation. According to the author, she “stole” the first name from a friend she once worked with in London. As for her appearance, Rowling says she “always imagined her to resemble Shirley Bassey in both looks and style.”

It’s unclear if this is a one time appearance from Celestina or if the new character will resurface in a future story or perhaps even the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Regardless, her story is already stirring up buzz among fans, who have been on the hunt for more tidbits from the Wizarding World since the series came to a close. More information on the new character and additional original stories from Rowling are available on Pottermore with a membership.

Meanwhile, there’s also plenty more to look forward to from Rowling.  The author is also currently working on extending the Cormoran Strike series, which she’s already confirmed will surpass the amount of Harry Potter novels. She’s also penning screenplays for a movie trilogy based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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