Harry Styles Fans Think the Singer Is Dropping Hints About a Major Secret

Harry Styles is back. He’s released his first song since 2017, and he has a music video to go with it. Fans are obviously over the moon. As is always the case with One Direction fans, they’re reading into everything.

Fans have already come up with a ton of theories about what Styles’ new song lyrics mean. They’ve picked apart every word, and they may be on to something. 

Fans think this is a coming out anthem

Harry Styles on the red carpet
Harry Styles | Theo Wargo/WireImage

The fan analysis of Styles’ lyrics seems a little far fetched. Fans think Styles is using this as a coming out song. He has long been believed to be bisexual, and his fans think that this is his big reveal. 

There are some interesting clues. The video and song dropped on National Coming Out day, a day which celebrates LGBTQ+ people who have come out of the closet, and a day when many others choose to come out for the first time. 

In the video, Styles is dancing in a sweaty mass of men and women. Some of the lyrics allude to coming out into the light, which could definitely be symbolism for coming out of the closet, and into the light. 

Shine, step into the light

Shine, so bright sometimes

Shine, I’m not ever going back

Styles has said that this album is about “having sex and feeling sad,” so fans were already waiting for a revelation about Styles’ sexuality before the song even came out, especially considering his history. 

Styles has been the subject of rumors before

People have often speculated that Styles and his One Direction bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, were romantically involved. Tomlinson has been very adamant that this is not true. In fact, he almost seems offended by the accusations. 

Tomlinson was not as successful as some of his other bandmates, and he’s not afraid to admit it. He felt like he was just beginning to improve as a singer and songwriter when the band went on ‘hiatus’ in 2015.

The dissolution of One Direction kind of pulled the rug out from under Tomlinson, and he says it took him about a year to get used to the change. 

In contrast, Styles has continued to blossom in his solo career. He’s made a name for himself as a solo musician, but he’s also branched out into acting and fashion. His hard work has earned him the highest net worth of all the One Direction members. At just 25 years old, he’s worth about $75 million. 

Styles does not seem nearly as bothered by the rumors of a relationship between he and Tomlinson as his former bandmate. It may be that he is more comfortable with fame in general. His solo career after One Direction certainly suggests that.

It also may be that the thought of being in a same-sex relationship doesn’t bother him, because he is comfortable with his sexuality. That may support fan theories that he is bisexual. 

He was strangely silent regarding the ‘Euphoria’ debacle

The rumors about Styles and Tomlinson culminated in an episode of the HBO show Euphoria that had an animated scene where the two were together physically. 

Fans were outraged, as was Tomlinson. The scene kind of made sense within the show, but many people thought it went too far. Tomlinson says he was surprised, and “pissed off” by the scene. He thought he had finally escaped the rumors about he and Styles, so to have it brought up again by a major television network was a big blow. 

Tomlinson says he didn’t know about the scene before it aired, but fans think Styles may have been aware of what was happening. He follows some of the show’s creators on Twitter, and he was silent after it aired.

Again, it could be nothing. Or it could be a sign that Styles is comfortable with his sexuality, and doesn’t mind the rumors.