Harry Styles Reflects on His First Solo Tour: ‘It Really Changed Me Emotionally’

Harry Styles is opening up about his first solo tour and how it changed him as a person. 

The former member of One Direction — the boy band is on an indefinite hiatus — embarked on his first solo tour after the release of his self-titled 2017 debut album featuring songs such as “Sign of the Times” and “Sweet Creature.” Not only did the tour mark a professional turning point for 25-year-old Styles, but it also became a defining moment in his life. 

In a Dec. 2019 interview with Rolling Stone where he broke down every song on his new album, Fine Line, Styles revealed how his first standalone tour affected him on an emotional level. 

Harry Styles says tour helped him accept himself

While discussing the details of his song, “Watermelon Sugar,” the musician opened up about what his 2017 world tour, Harry Styles Live On Tour, meant to him. He learned a lot, most notably, how to be OK with being himself. 

“The tour, that affected me deeply. It really changed me emotionally,” he said. “Having people come to sing the songs. For me the tour was the biggest thing in terms of being more accepting of myself, I think.” 

Sept. 2017 marked the start of Styles’ world tour. It ended three months later with two final shows in Tokyo, Japan, according to Variety

He learned ‘nobody wants to see you fake it’

Styles, worth an estimated $75 million, continued to open up about the significance of his debut solo tour, highlighting how his fans wanted him to be himself. 

Harry Styles performs on his European Tour in Paris, France, on March 13, 2015
Harry Styles performs on his European tour in Paris, France, on March 13, 2015 | Handout/Helene Marie Pambrun via Getty Images

Of his tour Styles recalled, “I kept thinking, ‘Oh wow, they really want me to be myself. And be out and do it.’ That’s the thing I’m most thankful for, of touring. The fans in the room [make] this environment where people come to feel like they can be themselves.” 

“There’s nothing that makes me feel more myself than to be in this whole room of people,” he added. “It made me realize people want to see me experiment and have fun. Nobody wants to see you fake it.”

Styles says ‘whole show is this massive emotional journey’

While talking about “Two Ghosts, a ballad he wrote featured on his eponymous album, Styles said his performances these days are much more emotional because he’s had a hand in the songwriting process. 

“‘Two Ghosts’ I wrote for the band, for Made in the A.M. But the story was just a bit too personal. As I started opening up to write my more personal stuff, I just became aware of a piece of me going, ‘I want to sing the whole thing.’ Now I look at a track list and these are all my little babies,” Styles said. 

Now, playing a song from his solo albums is much more of a personal act because he can remember all the details about how it came to be. 

“So every time I’m playing a song, I can remember writing it, and exactly where we were and exactly what happened in my life when I wrote it,” he added. “So the whole show is this massive emotional journey, you know? That’s a big difference, rather than every 20 minutes you go, ‘Oh, I remember this one.’”

Styles’ second solo world tour, this time for his album, Fine Lines, begins in April 2020.