Has Cam Newton Split From His Longtime Partner After Having a Baby With an Instagram Model?

Cam Newton is making headlines, and it’s not due to his injury. Several media outlets are reporting that Newton and his longtime partner, Kia Proctor, have split and are in the middle of a big legal battle. Did Cam Newton father a child by someone else?

Cam Newton in 2019
Cam Newton in 2019 | Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Cam Newton allegedly had a baby around the same time Kia Proctor was pregnant

According to the website Sports Gossip, Newton and Proctor split after he had a baby by La Reina Shaw, an Instagram model and the Queen of the Universe pageant’s former Miss Azerbaijan. “According to our sources, she’s currently living in an apartment above his restaurant in Atlanta and is there so he can see their son,” the report says.

Bossip later followed up Sports Gossip’s reporting by publishing a story that said Cam Newton actually wanted a DNA test from Proctor over their three kids: Chosen, 5, Sovereign-Dior, 3, Camidas Swain, 2, and Cashmere Saint, who was born last September. The outlet also alleges that Netwon and Proctor have been separated for almost six months and are involved in a custody battle.

Dueling lawsuits of Cam Newton and Kia Proctor

Allegedly when Newton sued Proctor over paternity, joint custody and visitation, she countersued him for “full physical custody, child support, health benefits, life insurance for the children, and her lawyer and expert fees.”

According to Bossip, Proctor’s court documents state “she has absolutely no source of income” and “Newton has been her and the children’s sole financial supporter.” Newton’s lawyer told Bossip, “We and Mr. Newton prefer not to comment on the case and continue to hope the parties will be able to resolve matters privately.”

Proctor is willing to do the paternity test if Newton pays for it, and is also willing to negotiate a financial deal with him. But if they cannot come to terms on a plan, she has asked the judge to let her hire a financial analyst to assess his income to see how much money he’ll have to give her and the children.

A joint custody plan is apparently unworkable since after the split, Proctor allegedly wants to return to her native Maryland and Newton wants to be in Atlanta.