Has Mel B. and Geri Halliwell’s Relationship Improved Since Hookup Allegations?

This past few months definitely tested fellow Spice Girls Melanie “Mel B.” Brown and Geri Halliwell’s relationship.

After Brown revealed the shocking revelation of them hooking up during their time together in the girl group, things between these two friends were pretty rough following the claim.

Spice Girls
Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown | Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Though Halliwell has since forgiven Mel B. for making those sex allegations, has their relationship been able to improve over these past few months?

Mel B. claimed that she and Halliwell hooked up back in the ’90s

None of us will probably forget that fateful when Melanie Brown revealed some unexpected news about her and Geri Halliwell’s early Spice Girls days.

While appearing on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories back in March, Scary Spice found herself in the hot seat after being asked if she had a sexual encounter with Halliwell.

Though Brown said that her bandmate would “hate” her for disclosing their long-kept secret, she confirmed that they had sex.

Despite Brown’s claims, Geri Halliwell fully denied those accusations and was extremely hurt by her friend.

While things were initially “awkward” between the pair following the accusations, Mel B. recently revealed that mending their relationship was definitely a work in progress.

On August 3, Mel B. told the Daily Mail, “Things got really pumped up in the press and on social media, and yes, it was difficult between Geri and myself for a while.”

Scary Spice continued by explaining that the media had made the situation bigger than what it really was, which caused the rift between her and Halliwell.

“I texted her on the night I did the Piers Morgan show and explained what he’d said and how I’d answered and she was fine with it,” Brown continued. “The problem was it then got hyped up into a much bigger story, and it didn’t help that we were just about to begin rehearsals.”

Their relationship has gotten a lot better

Now that it’s been five months since Mel B. revealed the sex claims, her relationship with Geri Halliwell has gotten a whole lot better.

Brown revealed to the Daily Mail that her and Ginger Spice’s are on better terms and have been ever since the buzz surrounding the hookup allegations died down.

“Geri and I are in a good place now,” former America’s Got Talent judge admitted. “On the last night at Wembley, Geri did something which, I think, meant more to me than any of the other girls. She said sorry for leaving the group back in 1998. We had been so close and then she just left and never really said why and never really said sorry until a few weeks ago.”

Mel B.
Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown | Photo by Mark Milan/FilmMagic

The singer said it was “pretty bad timing” when news of the one night stand surfaced because of the group’s planned U.K. reunion tour. She then noted that Halliwell is “not the same outrageous Ginger she used to be,” adding that she is now a married mother.

With Brown and Halliwell having toured together with the rest of the Spice Girls and finally put those sex claims behind them, things between these two friends have definitely gotten better.