Has Shay Mitchell Had Her Baby Yet?

Actress Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars and You fame loves to share her life via social media. And though we’ve been following along throughout her pregnancy, we have to wonder: Has she already given birth yet, and she’s keeping it a secret? Let’s find out.

Shay Mitchell announced her pregnancy in June

Mitchell has always been very open and honest with her fans on social media. But it took her some time to decide to reveal her pregnancy to the public — which she did with a unique image and a funny caption, as she often does.

Her photoshoot featured Mitchell topless, with her belly on full display. Mitchell captioned the Instagram post “Does this mean I’m allowed to drive in the carpool lane at all times now?”

She opened up with her YouTube series ‘Almost Ready’

After sharing the photo on Instagram, Mitchell began to offer up even more content, especially via her YouTube channel. In addition to talking about her previous miscarriage, she posted videos featuring her and her boyfriend/the baby’s father, Matte Babel, including a hilarious gender reveal.

The reveal was, as you might expect, very unique. Two people dressed as blue and pink Power Rangers battled it out, even ending up in the pool. When all was said and done, Mitchell and Babel found out that they’re having a girl.

Mitchell had a baby shower last week

What comes after the gender reveal? A baby shower, naturally. Mitchell said that she wasn’t interested in having a baby shower originally, but changed her mind later on in her pregnancy. But, naturally, she couldn’t have an ordinary event.

Instead, Mitchell and some friends went to an “adult dance recital” (read: an elaborately choreographed strip club show), and the mom-to-be even got a lap dance. The actress posted the video and photos from this gathering in mid-September, but we can assume it actually took place a couple of weeks prior.

Could she have already given birth?

Shay Mitchell of 'Dollface' at the Summer 2019 TCA Press Tour on July 26, 2019
Shay Mitchell of ‘Dollface’ at the Summer 2019 TCA Press Tour on July 26, 2019 | Rich Fury/Getty Images

After the baby shower, Mitchell shows that she went to visit her family in Vancouver to get birthing advice. She then consulted with a doula, and attended her 35-week check-up. That means that she is past 35 weeks at this point — probably closer to 37 or 38.

Previously, Mitchell stated that she was due in early October, adding that “Matte is so set on her coming out and being a Libra.” That lines up nicely with the timeline we have, as well as how far along she seems to be.

Here’s what else Mitchell is working on

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NOVEMBER 15th !!! @dollfaceonhulu

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Though she’s very busy dealing with, well, making a human in her body, and preparing to be a mom, Mitchell hasn’t stopped working. She just released a new bag collection for her luggage brand Beis Travel. And that’s not all.

Mitchell continued to act months into her pregnancy, for her upcoming series Dollface on Hulu. The show is due out on Nov. 15, so we have a feeling that even if she does go dark on social media for a bit after the baby is born, we’ll be seeing her at the premiere.