Has There Been Infidelity in Joe and Teresa Giudice’s Marriage?

The future of Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Teresa Giudice’s marriage is unclear. The two have endured tough times since coming under fire for bankruptcy fraud and both serving separate time in prison for their crimes. Joe was recently released from ICE and deported to his native country of Italy as he awaits a verdict on his appeal to remain in the US.

Joe and Teresa Giudice
Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice | Andrei Jackamets/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Tonight, an exclusive interview with the Giudice’s will be aired during a special episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. While they have put on a united front for their family, the preview clips for the interview paint a different picture. Both accuse the other of being unfaithful at different points in their marriage, specifically while they served their separate sentences. Clips also show Teresa in tears when Cohen told her that it appears their relationship is over.

Unless Teresa or Joe files for divorce or confirm in the interview that they are headed for a divorce, viewers will have to tune in and see. What is known however is that rumors of infidelity have plagued their marriage for years.

Rumors spread that Joe Giudice was unfaithful to Teresa

Speculation about infidelity in the Guidice’s marriage began long before either Joe or Teresa’s legal battles began. During season 3 of RHONJ, the Guidice’s co-stars began to unleash tumors of Joe cheating when the relationships between Teresa and her castmates began to crumble. 

Joe and Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice 2013 | Larry Marano/Getty Images

Joe was caught on camera referring to Teresa as a “bit*h” and “cu*t” while speaking in a flirtatious voice, leaving many to assume he was speaking to another woman during a phone call he thought was private. When questioned about it at the season 4 reunion, Joe claimed that he was speaking to a co-worker and Teresa stood beside him. Co-star Jacqueline Laurita made a shocking claim that Teresa confided in her that she once caught Joe in a compromising situation with his secretary in his office…on his desk. 

Teresa was sentenced to serve her time first. In 2015, Radar Online alleged that Joe was cheating on his wife when he was spotted have dinner with a younger brunette. An onlooker told the publication that it appeared the two were on a date. 

Teresa Giudice accused of partying, cheating and contemplating divorce from Joe

Teresa was released ahead of the holidays in 2015 and returned home to Joe and their four daughters. It would seem that their time apart would have garnered warm and fuzzy feelings between the Giudice’s but it had the opposite effect. 

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Joe’s excessive drinking and hot temper caused a major rift and the death of Teresa’s mother left her with feelings of resentment towards her husband. She wrote in her book, Standing Strong, that she lost time with her mother due to being in prison. She confirmed her feelings in a later interview with ABC News. 

“I do blame him because if he was on top of everything then this wouldn’t have happened. Going away to prison was nothing, I’m just saying, compared to losing my mom. … And that’s why it made me open up so much with the book. After I lost my mom, something snapped inside of me and I got really angry. I lost time with my mom. So that’s what made me spill everything. Those 11-and-a-half months I wish I was hanging out with my mom instead of being away from my family.”

ABC News
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During Joe’s prison sentence, Teresa admitted that though they talked daily, she and their daughters did not visit him often. She credited her busy schedule and being a single mom and caregiver to her elderly father as the reason for skipping out on visits. While that may have been the case, Teresa was often on lavish vacations, partying in the city and enjoying life. She was also spotted having dinner with a divorce attorney and also holding hands with a mystery man, leaving many to believe that her marriage was over.

What’s next for Joe and Teresa Giudice?

Fans are eager to see the upcoming interview on Watch What Happens Live. The couple have faced a very difficult five years between the bankruptcy, prison sentences and deportation case. Teresa initially told fans that she and Joe would remain together but had a change of heart last year once the idea of deportation became real.

Joe has publicly thanked his wife for her support and being the rock of their family during such a difficult time. He’s also expressed extreme remorse for putting his wife in the midst of his crimes and keeping her in the dark about what he was doing. 

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Whatever the ending outcome, viewers will have to tune in to see. Teresa promises that all will be revealed in the exclusive interview. Hopefully, the Giudice’s will always remain close friends and put their family first.