Has Travis Scott Ever Proposed to Kylie Jenner?

Mega-celebrities Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been going strong as a couple for over two years now, ever since they were first spotted holding hands at Coachella back in April 2017. Since then, they’ve been through all sorts of things together, including matching tattoos, a number of very expensive gifts, and most notably a pseudo-secret pregnancy resulting in the birth of their daughter Stormi Webster back in February 2018.

From an outside view, it definitely seems like these two lovebirds are in it for the long haul. Even though they keep squashing all sorts of engagement rumors, their chemistry and devotion to one another sort of makes you wonder: even if they aren’t engaged now, has Scott ever tried to propose to Jenner?

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner | Rich Fury/Getty Images

There have been wedding rumors in the past

Even though many fans think there are good reasons that the two may want to avoid getting married for now, and in fact may even have been cooling off lately, it’s hard for anyone but Scott and Jenner themselves to confirm or deny rumors about their relationship.

Still, everyone likes to speculate nonetheless, which is why it’s no surprise that some fans were convinced that two had gotten secretly married after some balloons and a cake at Scott’s birthday party back in May spelled out “Happy Birthday, Husband!”

This was likely a private joke between the two, but a diamond ring on Jenner’s left ring finger during the Super Bowl a few months back had sparked similar wedding rumors.

So have the two been secretly married all along? It wouldn’t exactly be the first time that they kept a huge secret from the public (hello, baby Stormi!) but it also seems unlikely given their personalities that they would get married without making a big deal out of it. 

Scott has been known to give Jenner lavish gifts

One of the reasons that diamond ring that caused all those rumors might not have been a big deal at all is that it’s not out of character for Scott to give Jenner big expensive gifts. For instance, he has given her multiple super expensive cars including a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, a rare luxury supercar that can go for as much as $1.4 million and which Scott got for Jenner as a push present!

Scott has also been known to shower his baby mama with expensive jewelry, clothes, and other fine gifts.

So would it be totally out of character for Scott to have given Jenner a fancy diamond ring for a special reason besides a marriage proposal? Not at all, and in fact that would seem to be the case here.

As Bazaar notes, the Super Bowl wasn’t even the first time Jenner was spotted wearing the massive diamond ring that caused all those rumors, and she has been known to flaunt other fancy jewelry on her you-know-which finger before.

Has Scott ever tried to propose before?

After The Star claimed an insider said Scott would “marry Kylie tomorrow” if she hadn’t turned down his five proposals, Gossip Cop looked into it and determined that those rumors were completely fabricated. It is true that Scott told Rolling Stone in December 2018 that he definitely does want to marry Jenner someday, but he also made it very clear at the time that he had still never proposed. 

Scott even said that when he does propose, it won’t be low-key at all, because he’s not that kind of person. At that same Rolling Stone interview, he added, “We’ll get married soon. I just gotta sturdy up — I gotta propose in a fire way.” That most likely means that if wedding bells are ever going to be in the pair’s future, everyone will definitely hear a thing or two about it in advance.