Hasan Minhaj Is Going Viral Because of This Old Video Comparing His and Dax Shepard’s Looks

Twitter has resurfaced a clip from Hasan Minhaj’s lie detector test conducted by Vanity Fair. In the hilarious video, the Patriot Act host answers awkward questions about his personal life, like which of his parents he likes more and if he thinks he’s a good brother.

He answers the questions with easy honesty and funny explanations, as per usual, but one question about Dax Shepard led to him detailing Hollywood’s beauty standards for men of color vs. white men. And the moment is now going viral on Twitter.

Hasan Minhaj in Vanity Fair's lie detector YouTube series (left) and Dax Shepard (right) | YouTube/Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.
Hasan Minhaj in Vanity Fair’s lie detector YouTube series (left) and Dax Shepard (right) | YouTube/Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

Hasan Minhaj’s lie detector test video came out in December 2019

Vanity Fair’s lie detector series has been around for several years, with stars like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Wiz Khalifa, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Ferrel and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Colin Jost and Michael Che taking part. The Daily Show alum’s episode of the popular YouTube series came out Dec. 13, 2019.

The series has had its share of viral moments, like when Keke Palmer didn’t know who former Vice President Dick Cheney was. (“Sorry to this man.”) It went instantly viral. Now, 11 months after it debuted, Minhaj’s clip is also trending on social media.

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Hasan Minhaj and Dax Shepard rated each other’s looks

The question was inspired by Minhaj’s appearance on Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast in May 2019.

“When referring to your good looks, this man, Dax Shepard, called you a nine out of 10,” the Vanity Fair interview said. “Does it bother you that he didn’t call you a 10?”

“No,” Minhaj responded. “I think that he was going way too high.”

“Do you know how you would rate him?” the interviewer asked.

As Minhaj replied, “That’s not fair. OK, you guys really did your research for this because you had to listen to the podcast. I would give Dax—I have to give a number?—6.5, seven.”

After the interviewer teased that The Morning Show actor’s answer was harsh, Minhaj dove into the topic of Hollywood beauty standards.

“OK, Dax is part of a thing where, in show business, there’s this whole movement of approachable white dudes, whereas like, with men of color, it’s like Idris Elba, Henry Golding, Zayn Malik or—you work in I.T.,” he explained. “There is no middle.”

“You know how there’s a whole class of white dudes, like just schlubby white dues who went to high school with me but now made it in showbiz?” he added. “There’s no that [for men of color.]”

“You gotta be Daniel Dae Kim ripped,” the 35-year-old added. “You can’t ever have bread or cereal.”

Then Minhaj was asked if he thinks he’s hotter than Shepard.

“Do I think?” he hesitatingly replied, “Yes. But I will not get the same opportunities that Dax does. I’m so sorry Dax, I’m really sorry.”

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Twitter loved Minhaj’s honesty about beauty standards for men of color

The clip, despite being almost a year old, made the rounds on Twitter on Monday, Nov. 23, after one Twitter user shared the video with the simple caption, “help.”

“I was trying to explain this to a friend the other day, but Hasan did it better and caused Dax Shepard to lose a full night of sleep in the process,” one Twitter user said in response to the video.

Chimed in another, “Yup, the black actors/entertainers considered heartthrobs are usually built like pro athletes. (especially if they’re dark-skinned.) but white boys could be built like n95 masks and still get that status. (nttaww being built like a n95 mask. i’m just saying. hasan ain’t lying.)”

As another Twitter user said, “I don’t know what brought this on. But Hasan is 100% right on all points, especially the schlubby vs elite thing and opportunities given each. I didn’t know who Dax was before today, but 6.5 is totally fair (I Googled). Also…. need that Daniel Dae Kim photo/gif/video PRONTO.”

And as one user joked, “Dax Shepard’s somewhere sitting on Kristen Bell’s lap wondering what he ever did to deserve this.”

Of course, Minhaj himself noted he meant no shade to Shepard. His commentary was about the reality of being a man of color in Hollywood. And it’s opened up conversation on the important topic, which is pretty much what Minhaj’s Patriot Act spent its entire run doing.