You’ll Never Guess What Kit Harington Did When He Read the Final ‘Game of Thrones’ Script

We have no clue when we’ll see the final season of the HBO hit Game of Thrones, but we do know that Season 8 is currently being filmed. Though things are super secretive to prevent leaks (the actors haven’t even been given scripts), it appears that there was a final read-through of the very last episode of Game of Thrones — and Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, had a major reaction.

Since Game of Thrones has long since surpassed George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, we have no clue how the epic series will say goodbye. We do know that Jon and Daenerys Targaryen have formed an alliance and also consummated their relationship. Tyrion Lannister may have betrayed the Mother of Dragons for his sister Cersei Lannister, and their brother Jamie Lannister has abandoned his pregnant twin sister and lover to join Jon and Dany.

We can’t even imagine how the people of Westeros are going to deal with the White Walkers and the Army of the Undead invading them, nor can we even begin to guess what Jon will do once he realizes that he’s a Targaryen. If Harington’s reaction to the series finale means anything, we should brace ourselves.

Jon Snow finally knows something

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones | HBO

One of the more humorous aspects of Game of Thrones has been the catchphrase, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” said by Jon’s Wildling lover, Ygritte, way back in Season 4 of GoT. The red-headed wildling and warrior was referencing Jon’s naivety about himself and the world around him. However, it appears that in the final season of Game of Thrones, Jon might have finally learned something. At least Kit Harington has.

On BBC’s The One Show recently, the 30-year-old actor said, “We had the read-through last week, in fact, so I know everything now.”

Westeros on lockdown

Cersei stands on top of a floor with a map of Westeros, with Jaime directly to her right

Map of Westeros in Game of Thrones | HBO

Just because Harington knows how it will all come to a close doesn’t mean he can even begin to hint to GoT fans about what we’ll see or even when HBO might debut in Season 8.

Harington explained, “[I was told] ‘Don’t tell them you’re filming. Don’t take pictures in Belfast. Don’t do all of that. It’s on lockdown!'”

A new kind of Wall

We were all astonished when the Knight King and the undead corpse of Viserion, ripped down The Wall which had protected Westeros for centuries. However, it doesn’t look like GoT is quite done with Walls.

Watchers on the Wall is reporting that the Game of Thrones crew is going to great lengths to keep fans from getting a peek at filming. They’ve built “massive metal walls” around the Winterfell set to keep people from prying. Clearly, this is not a drill!

A window into the past

As we do get closer to 2019, more behind-the-scenes footage and secrets of Game of Thrones are bound to be revealed. It looks like GoT creators Dan Weiss and David Benioff are thinking about releasing that original pilot, which apparently was a hot mess and Harington is not too thrilled.

Harington told The Guardian, “They made a lot of mistakes. It didn’t look right, didn’t feel right, had nothing different about it. They say, if I ever p**s them off too much, they’ll release it on YouTube. Every now and then, they send me a screengrab, just as a threat.”

We don’t care how much of a disaster the original pilot was — we want to see it now!

All the feels

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Comic Con

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie attend HBO’s Game Of Thrones panel | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Harington almost lost it when he finished reading the script for the final episode of Game of Thrones. He explained on The One Show:

I cried at the end. You have to remember that eight years of it, no one really cares about it more than us. It’s been an institution longer than any other institution I’ve been in. School, drama school, anything. I get a bit weepy thinking about it. It’s going to be a strange year saying goodbye to everyone and having last scenes with this person and that person. Not only you’re attached to it, loads of people around the world are attached to it.

A very specific vision

Game of Thrones Receives Emmy

Game of Thrones cast and crew | Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Weiss, Benioff, and the folks over at HBO have known how Game of Thrones will end for some time.

HBO’s President of Programming Casey Bloys said in 2016, “The showrunners have a very specific plan about the number of seasons they want to do. If I could get them to do more, I would take 10 more seasons. But we take their lead on what they [need] to make the best version of their show.”

Multiple endings

Jaime Lannister sitting on a horse behind a group of archers, who are all aiming their bows upwards

Game of Thrones Season 7 | HBO

It’s no secret that HBO has had quite a few issues with hackers leaking Game of Thrones episodes, but the network is trying to prevent that at all costs for Season 8.

According to Deadline, producers will be shooting various endings of the series to throw hackers off. Hopefully, things won’t get spoiled this time.

Moving on

Jon Snow is on a battlefield with his sword at his waist.

Jon Snow | HBO

Though the thought of Game of Thrones ending brought Harington to tears, the English actor is still excited about a future beyond the Thrones.

He told The Express U.K., “I’m personally done now with Medieval in the 1600s,” he said, referring both to Jon Snow and his role as Robert Catesby in the BBC’s Gunpowder. Harington explained that he is ready for “[s]omething with guns. I want to move myself more modern, slowly!”

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