Have the Emergency Scenarios in ‘9-1-1’ Actually Happened in Real Life?

Throughout its three season run, 9-1-1 has shown some pretty intense emergency scenarios.

From a baby getting stuck in a drain pipe to a man trapped in his own makeshift tunnel, the emergency responders of this Fox drama have been faced with some interesting tasks.

'9-1-1' cast
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While many of these scenarios are shocking to witness, a lot of the incidents we’ve seen on the show have been based on actual 911 calls.

Although many of these situations don’t seem as though they could happen in real-life, it turns out that the first responders of 9-1-1 aren’t the only ones who’ve seen some pretty insane emergencies.

The show runners want this series to be as real as possible

If you’re a fan of the Fox drama 9-1-1, you know all about the extremely shocking emergency scenarios the first responders frequently experience.

While the emergency situations vary from week to week, the main characters are constantly helping people faced with life threatening emergencies that could end very badly if they don’t step in.

From babies being cut out of their mothers to individuals losing control of their cars, the 118 fire department never really have it easy.

While some emergencies are easier to handle than others, some of the scenarios that are shown on this series have been based off of real-life events.

One in particular happened during the very first episode of the show.

Many of you might remember when a guy, stoned out of his mind, called 911 after he heard a baby crying in his wall.

When the fire department arrived on the scene, they heard the crying too and quickly got to work.

Come to find out, a teenaged girl gave birth over an open, exposed pipe on the top floor of her apartment building where construction was taking place, causing the baby to get stuck in the pipe.

While this scenario had many of us gripped the edge of our seats, it was later confirmed that this emergency actually took place before.

In 2013, this exactly scenario happened in China where a newborn baby boy was found alive inside a toilet pipe.

The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, was so intrigued by this emergency that he just had to include it in 9-1-1.

“[Creator] Ryan [Murphy] had heard about the baby in the wall from a YouTube clip in China and it actually happened. Isn’t it shocking?” executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall told Bustle in 2018. “And I remember when we were shooting it thinking, ‘This actually happened!’ There’s some crazy stuff that goes on in our world and first responders have a very different life than we have. We want to appreciate them.”

The show runners want this series to be as real as possible

In addition to the baby getting stuck in the drain, there have been a few other real life emergencies shown on the series.

While executive producers come up with many of their own insane situations, there have been a few times when they’ve pulled some inspiration from the internet.

“That is the inspiration, to try and lean into the social media culture of that instant, ‘media is everywhere’ and cameras are everywhere,” executive producer Tim Minear said. “People are used to seeing true life events that would make their heads spin.”

Even Oliver Stark who plays Evan “Buck” Buckley on the show recently shared with E’s Daily Pop that many of the show’s emergencies come from “either Youtube or Florida.” 

9-1-1 | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

“I look at the script more times and think, how are we going to do this? But it always comes together,” he said. “But yeah, the strangest ones are often the ones that are based on truth.” 

While the show’s first responders have to deal with these extremely shocking emergencies, there are people who handle these insane scenarios in real life.

9-1-1 continues to shine a positive light on those individuals and show the world that real life first responders are the true heroes.