HBO’s ‘Succession’: The Big Questions Heading Into the Season 2 Finale


Even for HBO’s Succession, the build-up to the Season Two finale was particularly brutal. Imagine being Rhea (Holly Hunter), who compromised whatever principles she had left to take the Waystar-Royco CEO job.

After seeing the darkness of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his company from the inside, Rhea decides she can’t step into that role after all. On her way out the door, Logan berates her as being “fungible as f–k” before moving on to the next crisis.

While that was a bad day for Rhea, she probably felt great about life compared to Tom (Matthew Macfayden) and Kendall (Jeremy Strong). After his historically bad appearance before Congress, Tom left wondering if he was the Roy family’s patsy.

As for Kendall, viewers couldn’t help wondering if dear old Logan was ready to feed his eldest son to the lions. In short, Succession’s season finale Sunday on HBO will be must-see TV. Here are the questions we’ll want to see answered.

1. Which Roy will Logan offer as his ‘blood sacrifice’?

Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) landed a few punches in his appearance before Congress. | Zach Dilgard/HBO

The sight of Logan Roy by a fireplace talking about “a blood sacrifice” is enough to spook even the most hard-boiled Succession fan. In the finale, we’ll see what the patriarch has in mind.

With Kendall on the TV screen while Logan and Shiv (Sarah Snook) talk of sacrifices, signs point to the eldest taking the heat for the family as payback for the coverup of the drug-related death earlier in the season. But that might be too obvious, what with other candidates available.

2. Does Roman make it out alive? Or succeed in taking the company private?

The penultimate episode of Season Two (Episode Nine) was so action-packed we don’t blame viewers who forgot about Roman (Kieran Culkin) getting wrapped up in a coup overseas. (Roman went abroad to seek a deal that would take the company private.)

Before losing his security detail and going (against his will) into a room with heavily armed guards, Roman seemed close to that deal. The scene would shift if he can pull it off. However, he’ll need to survive in order to get it done.

3. Will Rhea go to the press revealing Waystar-Royco culture?

Logan may consider Rhea as fungible as they come, but she’s got the sort of information that would make for multiple bombshell stories in the press. She could start with the (successful) attempt to put the squeeze on the whistleblower in the cruise-ship scandal.

But any look behind the curtain at ATN would be just as interesting to Roy’s opponents (and the American people at large). Given the elite circles Rhea travels in, we wouldn’t bet on her leaking to the press, but who know how angry she was about her exit.

4. Do Tom and Greg end up as ‘fall guys’?

Shiv and Tom don’t have the world’s most loving marriage, so you couldn’t help but wonder if he would take the fall (as Tom feared). After all, he orchestrated the destruction of evidence, then lied about it in a public hearing. Tom may have bumbled himself into real trouble here.

The same applies to cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun), the other clueless character on this show. Though Greg may still have a half-burned piece of damning evidence somewhere, he better be ready to cooperate if he wants to make a clean “Gregxit.”

5. Does Shiv end up as CEO when it’s all said and done?

Logan loves playing his offspring against one another, but he’s always returning to Shiv (the best candidate of the three). Despite her flirtation with the socialist senator’s campaign — and occasional battle with her conscience — Shiv is more than happy to grab the reigns at Waystar-Royco.

But that might seem too easy for Logan. In a normal world, Shiv would be the new face of the corporation if it comes through the scandal intact. But there’s nothing normal about these people.

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