The Heartbreaking Reason Prince Harry Was ‘Lost’ and ‘Lonely’ Before Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has definitely changed Prince Harry’s life in such a significant way. She reportedly turned his life around from a “lost” and “lonely” existence and provided a path for a future together that included starting a family.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

A bind date started everything

The couple were set up on a blind date in 2016 and immediately hit it off. During an interview with the BBC following their engagement, Markle noted: “I didn’t know much about him and so the only thing that I had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up was — I had one question. I said, ‘Well, is he nice?’ Because if he wasn’t kind, then it didn’t seem like it would make sense. So we went and met for a drink then, I think, very quickly into that we said, ‘What are we doing tomorrow? We should meet again.’”

They were engaged in 2017, married in 2018, and welcomed their first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, in 2019. To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement.

Life before Markle

Before Markle, however, Prince Harry was reportedly living a pretty lonely life, as royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah shared in the special Meghan & Harry: The Baby Years: “Harry and Meghan met on a blind date and Harry’s life changed forever.”

Biographer Penny Junor added: “I think Harry was a little bit lost when he met Meghan. I think he felt he was getting older, and needed — wanted — to settle down.”

She added: “I think he was lonely. And his brother and sister-in-law had a lovely cozy family. He loved the children, he loved raiding their fridge and spending time with them but he wanted that for himself. So I would say Harry was a little bit in the wilderness.”

Prince Harry enjoyed his time with his brother and his family but wanted more.

Why Prince Harry and Markle hit it off

Junor also had her theories about why Prince Harry was attracted to Markle, noting: “I suspected initially he was probably bowled over by her physically, and I think he probably realized that they had similar experiences.”

She explained, “They both came from broken homes and they were both interested in helping people, and the fact that she was a star already makes their life a lot easier in terms of their future together.”

Prince Harry felt ‘rudderless’

Royal biographer Katie Nicholl weighed in on how Prince Harry was lonely after leaving his party boy lifestyle behind him.

In her 2017 biography Prince Harry: Life, Loss and Love, Nicholl recalled how Prince Harry felt “detached, lonely, and ‘rudderless’ before meeting Markle.

Nicholl also shared that Harry felt his brother had become “boring” in his marriage to Middleton and was worried about himself, noting: “He’d say ‘William’s got so boring,’ when in fact William was living the life I think Harry wanted for himself. I think he was worried he was going to be left on the shelf.”

She added: “He told me he hated being alone, especially on Sunday nights.”

The biographer shared that Prince Harry “was happy that his brother was married and had a family. But he missed their friendship and at points he was very, very bitter about it.”