The Most Heartwarming Reactions to ‘One Day At A Time’s Revival

When Netflix canceled the rebooted sitcom One Day At A Time earlier this year, fans were devastated. The first three seasons of the series, executive produced by original series creator Norman Lear, were adored by critics and fans alike. In addition to the usual laughs, the show brought representation to so many under-represented groups, including the LGBTQ+ community, Cuban-Americans, and veterans suffering from PTSD.

(L-R) Marcel Ruiz, Stephen Tobolowsky, Isabella Gomez, Justina Machado, and Rita Moreno of Netflix's One Day at a Time
(L-R) Marcel Ruiz, Stephen Tobolowsky, Isabella Gomez, Justina Machado, and Rita Moreno of Netflix’s One Day at a Time | Robby Klein/Getty Images

Creator Gloria Calderón Kellett, along with the show’s incredible cast and crew, continued to fight to bring the series back on another network. On June 27, 2019, just as Twitter hype had begun to die down, Kellett announced that they had succeeded: PopTV would be bringing ODAAT back for a fourth season. Here are some of the best reactions to the news. 

The show’s cast and crew

Kellett herself was, of course, excited to deliver the great news. She thanked the fans, as well as the show’s new network, for keeping it going. Clearly, she has many more moving stories to tell with the Alvarez family.

EGOT-winner Rita Moreno stars as on ODAAT as Lydia, the old-fashioned yet loving mother of Penelope Alvarez. In true enthusiastic fashion, the acclaimed performer took to Twitter to celebrate #MoreODAAT. We can’t wait to see what her character does next.

Stephen Tobolowsky plays Dr. Leslie Berkowitz, who leads the practice which employs Penelope. He also “dates” Lydia, though their relationship is primarily platonic. Tobolowsky, who you may recognize from films such as Momento and Groundhog’s Day, excitedly wrote about what a “miracle” it is that the series has been revived.

Actor Todd Grinnell (Desperate Housewives) plays landlord and friend Schneider, also took to Twitter to celebrate. He wrote that he “can’t wait to keep invading the Alvarez family’s personal space,” a remark on how his character often shows up and inserts himself in the family’s day-to-day lives.

Young Isabella Gomez portrays Elena Alvarez, the teenage daughter of Penelope. Her character’s coming out story and subsequent LGBTQ+-centric plots have been an important part of the series. Gomez was so overwhelmed by the incredible news that she dropped a curse word in her post, which featured a press photo of the cast. 

Other big names were excited

Lin-Manuel Miranda has somehow found time to be a champion of popular series that are canceled, especially those with strong Latinx representation. He did it for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and continued his social media efforts with ODAAT. Does this mean that he’ll finally make a cameo? Let’s hope so.

Speaking of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, star Stephanie Beatriz had a cameo in a Season 3 episode of ODAAT, so she certainly had a vested interest in the series’ future. She exclaimed that she is “so so excited to watch these stories continue,” hopefully indicating that she’ll return as cousin Pilar for an episode if the story calls for it.  

Actress Busy Philipps recently experienced the cancelation of her own series, her talk show Busy Tonight on E. So she knew how the cast and crew of ODAAT must have felt, making it all the more special when she was able to tweet her joy over what she called “the best news ever.” 

You probably know Josh Gad from his man voice roles, specifically that of the snowman, Olaf, from Frozen. But Gad has his hand in a lot of projects at any one time, meaning he knows a lot of people. He congratulated the ODAAT cast and crew, including his friends, co-creator Mike Royce and writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit. 

Co-creator of the CW hit Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Aline Brosh McKenna also shared her love with the ODAAT crew, sans words. She replied to Kellett’s tweet with a reaction gif of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone running around excitedly, waving his arms. We think that says it all, really.  

Even brands chimed in

A few brand accounts decided to get in on the fun. The always-snappy account joked about how Pop is not only the name of the network that picked up ODAAT but the sound many fans are making as they explode with excitement.

The Human Rights Campaign acknowledged the importance of ODAAT, calling it “a trailblazing show that constantly breaks barriers for #Latinx #LGBTQ visibility.” Kellett even responded to the tweet, thanking the HRC for all its work and message.

Of course, PopTV itself had to get in on the conversation. The network, which is also the U.S. home of the acclaimed Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek, celebrated with a gif of Moreno’s character making a dramatic entrance through her bedroom curtains. It was a perfect accent to the joyous news. 

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