Heather Rae is Fed Up With This Part of Being Tarek El Moussa’s Girlfriend

As part of the popular couple at the helm of HGTV’s Flip or Flop, Tarek El Moussa saw a rise to fame with his wife and partner Christina Anstead. But after seven years of marriage, they decided to divorce.

This left fans wondering what would happen to the show, but the two managed to keep things going. Since their split in 2016, they’ve both moved on in love and business.

El Moussa’s new love interest

Heather Rae Young
Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

For most of his new life as a single man, El Moussa kept to himself. While Anstead remarried toward the end of 2018 and now has a child with her new husband, Ant Anstead, El Moussa wasn’t in any hurry to get involved in a new relationship.

He has said that he was waiting for the right person to come along, one that he would feel comfortable introducing to his children. It seems like that person has finally come into his life

Heather Rae Young and El Moussa have been together since mid-summer 2019. On August 8, they made it official when he sat down with Entertainment Tonight. At this point, Anstead hadn’t met Young yet, but his kids had, and things are going well.

Young has mentioned that being around El Moussa’s kids has taught her patience and that she enjoys them. El Moussa’s daughter seems to love Young, too, and they spend time together often. 

She’s also met his family, they’ve been all over each other’s Instagram, and most fans seem to be happy for him now. If presents are a sign of how well the relationship is going, then her birthday gift from him after three months of dating must be a great one.

He gifted her the white Ferrari she’s always wanted. 

The comparison to El Moussa’s ex

There’s just one thing that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows: The similarities fans can’t seem to get over. While there do seem to be quite a few, that doesn’t mean El Moussa doesn’t love Young for who she is. There’s a reason the comparisons keep happening.

Young is a fellow real estate agent who stars in Netflix’s Selling Sunset. It’s not the only trait she shares with Anstead. Both are blonde and look quite similar. Both were former models. Maybe El Moussa has a type, but regardless, Young doesn’t like being compared to Anstead. She’s her own woman and has repeatedly had to remind her critics, often Anstead fans, that she’s always looked the way she has and she’s not trying to be or look like Anstead. 

They really all do get along

Despite fans thinking that there must be some strife between the couples, apparently, they all really do get along. El Moussa has said that Young and Anstead share common interests such as eating healthy and a green lifestyle, and of course, they both enjoy real estate.

Their relationships probably work due in part to the time El Moussa took before introducing the kids to Young. He has said he took it very slowly, letting them get to know Young through videos and pictures, then phone calls, and then meeting in person. This seemed to ease any tensions as they felt comfortable with their dad’s new lady love. 

What they can teach us

If Young’s biggest complaint about El Moussa’s ex is that they are compared to each other too much, there might be something to learn from them. It’s obvious they have all managed to learn how to get along, and that’s difficult for many separated couples with new loves.

Continuing to work together on something they loved probably helped El Moussa and Anstead get to this point faster, and it doesn’t hurt that Young seems to be a confident person in her own right. Good for you guys! Cheat Sheet loves to see a happy ending!