Here Are the Exact (and Somewhat Guessed) Zodiac Signs of the ‘Full House’ Characters

There are quite a few characters living in this Full House. Although fans don’t know all of their zodiac signs, some of their sun signs are pretty obvious. 

Here’s what we know about characters like Uncle Jesse, Danny Tanner, and Michelle Tanner and their sun signs. 

Danny Tanner is a Saggitarius

Although some fans expect Danny Tanner to be a Virgo with his cleaning/perfectionist tendencies, during one episode, viewers learned that this character’s birthday is on Dec. 11. That makes the dad of this series a Saggitarius.

People with this sun sign are known for being fair-minded, optimistic, and generous. These are all traits exhibited by Danny, both in his career and with his three daughters. 

'Stephanie's Wild Ride' Episode of 'Full House'
‘Stephanie’s Wild Ride’ Episode of ‘Full House’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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Michelle Tanner is a Scorpio

There’s some debate regarding the exact birthday of this character. Full House Fandom states that she was born on Nov. 1, while Fuller House Fandom states that she was born on Nov. 12. (One episode of the original sitcom even showed Stephanie, Uncle Jesse, and Michelle celebrating in a mechanic’s shop.) 

Whether she was born on Nov. 1 or Nov. 12, this character would be a Scorpio sun sign. This totally makes sense and matches her fierce and sassy personality. She’s also very blunt, sharing her thoughts with anyone who’d hear them.

Born in 1977, DJ Tanner is most likely a Pisces or an Aries

Fans don’t know DJ’s exact birthday, even though they’ve celebrated a few milestones with this character. Including her 13th birthday and her 40th birthday on Fuller House. Due to her ambitious, determined personality, some expect her to be an Aries. Her emotional and intuitive side led some to think she could be a Pisces, though.

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Stephanie Tanner is probably a Leo

Stephanie Tanner loves to perform and be the center of attention, taking dancing lessons throughout her childhood. Even as an adult, Stephanie Tanner works as a DJ and later writes original songs. Although fans don’t know Stephanie Tanner’s exact birthday, some expect her to be a Leo.

According to ‘Full House Fandom,’ Uncle Jesse Katsopolis is an Aries

Fans celebrated a few birthdays with Uncle Jesse, who went from being an exterminator to being a chart-topping musician and father. Full House Fandom states that Uncle Jesse’s birthday is on April 15, making him a proud Aries.

This character is definitely ambitious, eventually telling his dad that he doesn’t want to go into the family business and would rather pursue his musical dreams. He also has a kind and paternal side, taking care of his nieces and forming a special relationship with the youngest of the Tanner sisters, Michelle.

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