Here Are the Royal Scandals We’ll Probably See in ‘The Crown’ Season 3

The Crown wowed fans with its intimate look at the British royal family. By giving us a glimpse behind Buckingham Palace’s walls, it’s shown us how Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and more dealt with many scandals throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Season 3 of The Crown is set to share even more behind-the-scenes dirt. A new cast will take the reins as the royals navigate their public and private lives from 1964 through 1976.

Here are all the scandals we can expect The Crown to cover in Season 3, including the introduction of one of the royal family’s most controversial players (page 7).

1. Prince Charles’ underage drinking

Prince Charles in Cambridge

The future king’s first scandal was a doozy. | Peter Dunne/Daily Express/Getty Images

Near the end of The Crown’s second season, we started to get our first real look at Prince Charles’ childhood. And we can expect to see much more of the royal in his adolescence and young adulthood in Season 3.

The growing focus on Charles could include one of his earliest scandals. In 1963, the then-14-year-old student caused a tabloid to-do when he ordered a glass of cherry brandy while on a school trip.

The underage drinking controversy technically took place the year before Season 3’s timeline begins. But The Crown might fudge the dates a bit to give us our first real taste of Prince Charles drama.

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2. More marital ups and downs for Elizabeth and Philip

Claire Foy and Matt Smith on The Crown

Get ready for more marriage struggles on the way. | Netflix

The first two seasons of The Crown made it clear that Elizabeth and Philip’s marriage was hardly a breeze. And Season 3 may bring about more drama for the monarch and her man.

The Crown touched on rumors of Philip’s extramarital affairs. But it has yet to broach the prince’s other rumored romantic relationships with women like actress Hélène Cordet.

It’s hard to imagine the series won’t follow up on the longstanding rift in Elizabeth and Philip’s marriage. So we could easily see more marital struggles in Season 3.

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3. Princess Margaret’s scandalous social life

Claire Foy as Princess Elizabeth and Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret in The Crown

Chances are the queen won’t be happy with her sister when this happens. | Netflix

The myriad scandals of Princess Margaret have already been a focal point in The Crown. And given her raucous lifestyle, fans shouldn’t expect things to calm down for the queen’s sister in Season 3.

Margaret led a notoriously active social life. And though she remained devoted to her royal duties, she hobnobbed with many famous celebrities during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

The princess’ escapades regularly made her tabloid fodder. So it won’t be surprising if we see more tensions arise between her and Elizabeth.

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4. The darker side of Princess Margaret’s marriage

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones

Their happiness was short-lived. | AFP/Getty Images

In Season 2, we saw Margaret find love with Antony Armstrong-Jones. But the show also made it clear that a dark shadow followed their marriage by hinting at her photographer’s wandering eye.

Margaret and Armstrong-Jones’ endured a tumultuous relationship. They eventually divorced in 1978. But given that they separated in 1976, it’s likely that we’ll begin to see the breakdown of their marriage in Season 3.

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5. Another sex scandal

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown

We’re dying to see how Elizabeth reacts to this one. | Netflix

The Crown has done an amazing job of balancing royal drama and the most talked-about political scandals of Elizabeth’s reign. And we can expect to see that trend continue in Season 3.

One huge controversial moment we might is a notorious sex scandal involving Earl Jellico. Then the leader of the House of Lords, Jellico was forced to resign after he admitted to engaging in affairs with prostitutes. Since the scandal made headlines around the world, The Crown might show us Elizabeth’s reaction to the scandal and its fallout.

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6. The attempted kidnapping of Princess Anne

Princess Anne arrives at Heathrow.

Fortunately, Princess Anne was just fine. | Dove/Daily Express/Getty Images

So far in The Crown, we’ve seen the royal family endure heartbreaking losses and headache-inducing rumors. In Season 3, they may face their most frightening ordeal yet.

In 1974, Ian Ball attempted to kidnap Elizabeth’s daughter, Anne, at gunpoint. The princess survived the terrifying event without being harmed. But the dramatic moment could easily make its way into Season 3’s sprawling storyline.

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7. Introducing Camilla

Camilla Parker Bowles in 1980

There’s no way to avoid this scandal. | Express Newspapers/Archive Photos)

The love affair between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles is easily one of the biggest scandals in British royal history. Charles met Parker Bowles (then Shand) at a polo match in 1970.

Their torrid relationship endured many ups and downs before he even met his eventual first wife. So it’s a sure bet that we’ll see the origins of their relationship in the third season of The Crown.

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